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The rise of the ‘fall’ remedy

Published : Jul 4, 2018, 1:14 am IST
Updated : Jul 4, 2018, 1:14 am IST

Hair loss at a young age is nothing less than a disaster. This treatmenmt will drive away your hair woes.

A picture of Keira Knightley used for representational purposes only.
 A picture of Keira Knightley used for representational purposes only.

Female alopecia is a common hair fall condition in women that peaks at the age between 20 to 40 years and again at 60 to 70 years. Hair fall is experienced as a visible hair fall, hair shedding, a gradual thinning of the hair i.e increase in the central parting of the hair or thinning of the pony tail. Hence to identify the exact cause of hair fall a detailed examination needs to be done.

There has been an increase in female alopecia in younger girls because of multiple reasons including a family history of hair loss, having excessive processed foods, high dairy consumption, poor quality of food and also due to the newer unscientific fad diets. In addition, stress and inadequate sleep cycles can also cause a rise in hormonal imbalance in younger females. This can cause miniaturisation of the hair follicle which can result in female baldness. So identifying the cause through a detailed examination and investigations can prevent worsening the condition. Celebrities like  Keira Knightley, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and other have suffered from hair loss.

THE TREATMENT: The Regenera Activa® is an advanced system to prevent hair loss by stimulating hair growth through regeneration therapy of capillary vessels. This is a very safe treatment since the patient is the donor of stem cells, i.e. stem cells are harvested from the patient’s body which helps to achieve enrichment in the number of progenitor cells.

THE PROCEDURE:After a thorough examination of the hair fall condition the dermatologist will identify the donor area, generally near the nape of the neck. A local anesthesia is applied and using a punch biopsy tool, three samples will be extracted. These samples collected from the patient’s body will be further processed and filtered by the US FDA approved regenericons®.

This helps the progenitor cells, growth factors and stem cells that have the regenerative capabilities to be isolated from the sampled tissue.

This specially prepared solution is then injected by mesotherapy techniques to the affected scalp treatment areas. Thus initiating the stimulation of the blood vessels and regenerative process of the hair follicles. The entire procedure take upto 60 minutes without any downtime.

Do’s and Dont’s:                                            
The hair should be washed only after 24 hours post treatment. Hair sprays, styling creams can be applied only after 12 hours post treatment. Avoid scratching the scalp for at least a day.

This treatment is to be done only once a year.

—The writer is a  dermatologist.

Disclaimer: Always check with a cosmetic surgeon before going ahead with this procedure.

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