Earthern lamps light up potters' lives this season

WB: Spike in demand of earthen lamps keeping Siliguri potters busy this Diwali.

West Bengal, India: With Diwali festival around the corner, potters in West Bengal's Siliguri area are excited as earthen lamp demand makes a comeback after facing a slowdown due to Chinese light and lamps. According to the potters, the demand for earthen lamps has been high throughout this year but they have further picked up the pace ahead of the festival of lights.

"On Diwali people decorate their homes with lights, flowers and earthen lamps. So, the demand for tradition earthen lamp is increasing," one of the potters in the town told ANI on Friday. Another potter, who is making Rs 300 per 1,000 lamps, said that they are very busy and are barely managing to fulfil the Diwali demands this year.

"Earlier Chinese lights had caused a slowdown in the demand of earthen lamps but the traditional ways are making a comeback. The demand for earthen lamps is very good this year," he said. On the other hand, more than three hundred earthen lamp makers in Palpara village are facing a lot of difficulties with low price and increasing cost of raw materials.

"The price of the earthen lamps is barely enough to maintain the business. Not to mention, the cost of essential raw materials like manures have significantly gone up. They are almost double than that of last year," one of the potters in the village said.

Diwali, also known as Deepawali, is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. The festival will be celebrated on October 27 this year. On this day, people decorate their houses with traditional lamps, burst firecrackers and exchange sweets.

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