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Anita Shirodkar launches ‘Ambuj’

Published : Jul 17, 2019, 2:08 pm IST
Updated : Jul 17, 2019, 2:08 pm IST

The third book in the Guardians of the Blue Lotus trilogy

Ambuj by Anita Shirodkar (Photo: File)
 Ambuj by Anita Shirodkar (Photo: File)

Anita Shirodkar knows a thing or two about how to manage a juggling act. From graphic design to content writing, this consummate professional started her journey as in advertising as a Visualiser and grew to become a Creative Director. Anita is also a successful author whose latest work is a trilogy in the mythological fantasy genre. After ‘Aryavir’ and ‘Sitanshu’, her third book from the series, ‘Ambuj’ has been launched.

Set in the beatific kingdom of Kamalkund, the first book reveals an entirely fictional universe. ‘Aryavir’ explores the journey of protagonist Aryavir, heir to the throne of Kamalkund. This blessed land is graced by a celestial Blue Lotus that protects the kingdom. However, Aryavir must battle his destiny at every turn, from a deadly curse that hangs over his head, to the secrets of the past that threaten to have devastating effects on his family.

The second book sees Sitanshu, loyal friend and companion of Aryavir, coming into his own – and out of Aryavir’s shadow. The portentous red petal sprouted by the Blue Lotus and the Machiavellian schemes of The Chandraketu King Divyendu, Queen Tamasi and King Kratu compel Aryavir and Sitanshu to fight the battle of their lives to protect their kingdom from enemies.

In ‘Ambuj’, the great war of Sompur is over. Aryavir and Sitanshu reluctantly part ways, each to follow his own destiny. In a series of flashbacks, the narrative moves back to the rule of King Ambujakshan, Aryavir’s grandfather, who turns out to be the root cause of current turbulence. Encompassing events that include brutal murders and a deal between Ambujakshan’s wife and mistress, that past reveals Ambujakshan’s mistakes and finally his retribution.

In the present, Sitanshu must perform a seemingly impossible task set by the Maheshwari Master, and in doing so he discovers that his road ahead is to fraught with more dangers than he thought possible. From an ancient secret cave deep inside Mount Mandeshwar to the mysterious Raven Monastery across the border of Ch’in, Sitanshu races against time to save an entire race of people from extinction. If the mother of all weapons – the Mahavidhvamsha Astra, is released, the Old World will be plunged back into Andhasaya – the darkest of ages

Anita continues the grand legacy of mythological Indian stories that enthral and entertain one and all. Her previous publications include Adriana's Smile, Night' in Pink Satin, Secrets and Second Chances, Sitanshu and Aryavir.

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