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It is all about finding Mr Right

Published : Jul 12, 2017, 2:07 pm IST
Updated : Jul 12, 2017, 2:07 pm IST

Shweta Brijpuria has a heart-to-heart about her book and her take on life.

Shweta Brijpuria
 Shweta Brijpuria

Shweta Brijpuria’s Mr Right is a romantic thriller where ambitions take over the very essence of life.

Much like we see around us, her book raises that issues of commitment versus career and how, while technology brings people together they create a disparity in being physically close to one another.


Speaking to us, author Shweta Brijpuria says that Mr Right is about every girl’s dream guy. However, there is a catch. She adds, “Mr.Right is a dream every girl wants to live, if lucky she finds him as per her expectations, if not she moulds him to suit the title. All said and done it’s always the hope for a happy ending, with surprising twists and turns. It is basically a positive title which covers up the layers of confusion, fears and anxieties that reside in her mind.”

Shweta believes that more than finding the soul-mate, in today’s day and age, one is constantly in search for the mind-mate, someone with whom one can connect on a cerebral level. Elucidating further on the whole idea behind the book, Shweta says, “A desire to write something unromantically romantic gave me an idea to write this book.”


“There is lot unpredictability in relations these days, you don't know what you really want and the moment you are sure, the circumstances change. You keep chasing your own self every other day and this chase got me to write Mr.Right,” she adds.

Since the book so intimately talks about Mr Right, one cannot help but wonder if the author herself has pursued those throes of passion in her search for that tall dark handsome knight in shining armour. She does not disappoint.

“Oh is such a beautiful bundle of conflicts. It ensures what you feel right turns out wrong and otherwise. These experiences give you another reason to laugh at when you look back, pat your back and say hello!”


Nisha, the protagonist of the book meets a guy and ends up realising that he is Mr Wrong. The conflict between her heart and mind goes on until she decides to go for a blind marriage and it turns out that author Shweta herself is in favour of arranged marriages.

“I was always in favour of arranged marriage, as it reduces a lot of burden, most of the things are taken care of by people involved.” However, Shweta says that an independent part of her also enjoys taking risk.

“In today's scenario such a couple will be termed as cute. It needs a lot of guts to put trust on other people and accept their choice with an open heart. We have become more aware and demanding.”


In this entire discourse about finding true love one wonders what the author thinks about the matters of the heart.

“Love is power, it just makes you a different person,” she says before adding that her protagonist Nisha on the other hand is actually very calculative in love. “She wants it and wants it on her terms. Love is binding for sure, but lasts if it binds with a sense of freedom,” she says.

As for what this young author expects from her book, she concludes, “The book is all about you and me; it is a lot you and a less me. It is very easy to define you and difficult to talk about self. The book would probe one to think about the inner conflicts and might secretly help in resolving them.”


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