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The Art of Nostalgia

Published : Feb 11, 2020, 12:43 am IST
Updated : Feb 11, 2020, 12:43 am IST

Delhi recently hosted an art exhibition that has a unique concept of uplifting and encouraging women artists from across the globe.

Mandakini by Minarva Sahoo
 Mandakini by Minarva Sahoo

An international group art exhibition ‘The Honest Nostalgia’ recently took place in the national capital. Having a unique concept of uplifting and giving exposure to women artists around the globe, especially in India, global eminent artists like Alina Gishyan, Anita Carr, Anousha Bissessur, Thierry Schoenenwald and Indian artists like Shatarupa Bhattacharjee, Chetna Bisht, Atiksh Gour and many more displayed their work.

The key parts of the event include paper quilling workshop, tattoo making zone, and award categories like ‘Art Queen 2020’ were also organised to make the exhibition even more interesting. Paintings utilising various mediums were displayed in the exhibition along with photographs, ceramic work, handicrafts, and sculpture.

On asking the reason behind the title ‘The Honest Nostalgia’, Neeti Bisht, curator, replies, “This title for the exhibition was chosen because every day, with the busy schedule and hectic lifestyle artist somehow become less passionate about making art, and to remind them of the time they chose to become artists is the motive behind choosing this name.” Bisht also focuses on the concept of the exhibition and continues, “The concept of uplifting and giving exposure to women artists around the globe, specially in India is something we need to work upon to encourage women empowerment along with skill development. We wanted to highlight female artists in history just like we have Picasso, M.F Hussain, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vincent Van Gogh.”

One of the artists, Shatarupa Bhattarcharjee artwork reflects her love for nature and its beauty with its all-underlying mystery. She explains, “most of the paintings are surreal landscapes which takes the viewers to the realm of Mother Nature, showcasing her elegance and abundance. My fluid arts also reveal the abstract side of the nature that we could only just barely envision. One more painting by the name Maa Durga also represents prakriti (nature).” Talking about her challenge, Shatarupa continues, “The challenges were holding on to the beauty of each colour while using a variety of colour in my palette to represent a nature’s mystery, which I overcame with my patience in the flow of colour.”

Whereas, Minarva Saho another artist from the exhibition works in various mediums like charcoal, watercolour, acrylic and oil, he says, “I displayed seven paintings in this exhibition and all are in a different medium. It was altogether a great experience.” Another artist Tuhina Joshi works with oil and acrylics as the medium and displayed a mix medium surrealistic work and an art based on symbolism.  

One of the artwork the curator highlighted in the exhibition was of Deepti’s art Mosaic artwork, it took 4-5 years to complete and is made by using tiles, cement and many more materials like this. Bisht shares, “Mosaic art is unique and is used for interior decoration purpose too. The artwork is elegant beauty and is of a woman being portrayed beautifully and technically. This artwork surpasses all artworks displayed in the exhibition.”  

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