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   People reveal darker side of relationships with cheating confessions

People reveal darker side of relationships with cheating confessions

Published : May 10, 2016, 4:12 pm IST
Updated : May 10, 2016, 4:12 pm IST

“Caught son of a b***h sleeping with my ‘BEST FRIEND’.

 We spoke to some of our readers and asked them their stories.
  We spoke to some of our readers and asked them their stories.

“Caught son of a b***h sleeping with my ‘BEST FRIEND’.


: Everyone, at some point in their life, come face-to-face with situations that change the way they perceive things.

No matter how perfectly you sketch things for yourself, unplanned situations and incidents always find their way in life, whether it's for good or bad. Things just happen when you are ''in the moment''.

Confession is not at all an easy part. Remember those times when our Facebook wall was filled with confession pages People use to confess about their crush, whom they disliked, what mess up they did in school and colleges. However, confessing about cheating on your partner or recalling how you were cheated on by your loved one is not easy.

We spoke to some of our readers and asked about their stories. Few confessed about cheating on their partners, while some spoke about catching their partners red-handed. One of the person confessed sleeping with her boss until her boyfriend got to know about it, while another said she caught her boyfriend sleeping with her best friend.

Here are some of the confessions:

Still guilty:

“I have been in relationship for 4 years and I keep cheating on my partner with my ex. I keep going back to my ex-girlfriend with the hope that one day she will come back to me. And every time I sleep with the girl I am dating, I feel guilty, knowing the fact that she really loves me.” – Nitin

I some how knew:

“My boyfriend of over 7 years cheated on me with one of my closest friends. I don’t know what is worse that I always suspected it and somehow knew, or that they felt the need to confront me on the same and ask for my ‘permission’ to date. We hadn’t even broken up at the time.” -Marissa (name changed)

Caught my husband red-handed:

“Was married for a year when I realised that we lacked connection, trust and communication. One day, my husband printed my call records, highlighting the number I dialled the most with a red marker and questioned me, ‘Are you having an affair with him ’ The contact happened to be of my best friend. We discussed and I reassured that he is misunderstanding. Days went by and things took an unexpected turn when one day scrolling through his messages, I came across few intimate texts that he had exchanged with his colleague. Those two had a thing in the past and I believed that it had ended few years ago. There is a thin line between healthy flirting and dirty texting and those messages clearly fell into the latter. When I confronted him, he made up stories in the beginning, but then confessed about having feelings for her. It was then I realised that I was not the one messing up the relationship it has always been him.” - Natasha

Sleeping with the boss:

“We don’t realise the worth of someone unless it’s gone and I truly believe in it now. I kept cheating on my boyfriend when we were in a relationship for long and then I messed it up big time. Initially it was just flirting with random guys when I was out with friends and later I started making out with guys just for fun. Until one day, I slept with my boss after we both were drunk. It didn't stop there as things were turning in my favour and my guy never doubted it. He trusted me way too much, but one day he found out and left without saying anything.” - Avani (name changed)

She left:

“One day when I came back home, I found a note on my desk reading - I can’t do this anymore. I called my girlfriend but her phone was unreachable, I kept texting. After 48 hours she called back and said, ‘Look I know you were cheating but I loved you way too much to leave until I realised if you can do this to me again and again, you will never stop.’ She disconnected.” - Rahil

Best friend and boyfriend:

“My story is quite similar to films. I went to surprise my guy and got the biggest shock of my life. That son of a b***h was sleeping with a girl and guess who she was My ‘BEST FRIEND’. That’s like universe banging you from both ends.” - Mrunali

Dumped with a punch: “My girlfriend and my best friend shared a good connection and I never realised what connection it was, until one day I caught them making out in a theatre. We three were supposed to go for a movie but due to my busy schedule I told them to go ahead as I won’t be able to make it. However, I wrapped up my work quickly and decided to join them. As I arrived I spotted a “couple” making out and they were none other than my girlfriend and my best friend. I didn’t disturb them and left. Later, when we three were in the same room, I confronted them. Apparently, this was going on from a long time. I dumped my girlfriend and left my “best buddy” with a bleeding nose to nurse." - Sujit (name changed)