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Cos you like it

Published : Sep 9, 2016, 5:05 pm IST
Updated : Sep 9, 2016, 5:05 pm IST

A one day workshop in the city is all you need to attend to know everything about cosplaying

Cosplayers at last year’s Mumbai Comic Con
 Cosplayers at last year’s Mumbai Comic Con

A one day workshop in the city is all you need to attend to know everything about cosplaying

If you are a die-hard fan of anime, chances are you have heard of cosplay and probably even wanted to participate in the cos play dressed as your favourite character. For those who have been shying away from donning costumes, there is help at hand. Comic Con India is organising Cosplay 101, a cosplay workshop for the first timers. The workshop will take participants through the entire process of crafting ones own costume.

In addition, it will also educate the fans on how and where to obtain costumes, props, wigs, and more. The event is a precursor to the Mumbai Comic Con that is scheduled in October.

Rohan Jain is a solution designer in the IT industry but takes his passion for cosplay quite seriously. The 27-year-old who goes by the name of Cosplayer RJ will be talking about his experience at the workshop. “I have been cosplaying for the past three years, and I have learnt a lot,” says Rohan. He further adds, “In my initial days, one of the biggest cosplayers, Suryam, taught me how to make my own props.”

Rohan was one of the first in India to take a bold chance: he crossplayed. “Crossplay is when a person dresses as the opposite sex,” explains Rohan. However, the experience didn’t go well for him. “I dressed up as Misty from Pokemon. But it was a terrible experience for me. The event was happening in Delhi, and the people made me feel extremely uncomfortable,” he recalls. He admits he will crossplay only in his home ground. “I will do it only in Mumbai, because here I have friends who will guard me from trollers,” he says.

The workshop will also have Rhea Chowdhury who goes by the moniker Rheality Lapses. “In the workshop we will focus on the first timers. We will talk about the things that one should do in such an event. Cosplay is not just about wearing the costumes, there is a certain way that one has to carry oneself, and so on. We will be talking about that as well,” says the 28-year-old social media marketer.

Speaking on the future of cosplay in the country, Rhea says, “In India, cosplay is nothing new. If you look back at the melas, people would dress up like Lord Shiva or Kaali. Cosplay, in my opinion, opens doors for other cultures as well. On one hand, you have Japanese anime and on the other you have American comics culture — it is only adding to the country’s diversity. I wish, in the future we are able to integrate Indian mythology in the Indian cosplays as well,” she concludes.

On Date September 11, 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm, At Irish House, Grand Galleria, No. 462 Phoenix Mills Compound, Lower Parel