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  Qandeel Baloch’s cousin ‘took part in her murder’

Qandeel Baloch’s cousin ‘took part in her murder’

Published : Jul 24, 2016, 6:54 am IST
Updated : Jul 24, 2016, 6:54 am IST

Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch’s cousin was also involved in her murder along with her brother, police investigations revealed.

Waseem Baloch
 Waseem Baloch

Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch’s cousin was also involved in her murder along with her brother, police investigations revealed.

Wasim Baloch, the brother of the Facebook star, underwent polygraph test on Saturday during which he stated that his cousin strangled her to death while he held her arms. Baloch said that he gave her sleeping pills before assisting his cousin in committing the crime.


He said that his elder brother who lives in Saudi Arabia telephoned him and taunted over ‘not doing anything’ when their sister’s allegedly dubious video with Mufti Abdul Qawi, suspended member of Central Ruet-e-Hilal (moon sighting) Committee surfaced.

Waseem Baloch was arrested a day after Qandeel Baloch’s body was found in Multan house on July 16 where she had moved from Karachi for Id holidays with the family.

The murderer owned up to committing the crime and said that he did not feel any remorse as it was done for the honour of the family.

In an interview, Baloch’s parents have said that they would not pardon Waseem Baloch off the crime. He sat with them for dinner on the night he murdered his sister and none was given any idea of what he had in his mind, they added.


Anwar Bibi said that Waseem Baloch had intoxicated her and his father at night and when she went to wake Baloch up in the morning she was dead. Mohammed Azeem, father of the slain divorcee said that she used to take care of the family like a son.

It was reported after her murder that Baloch used to provide financial support to her family, even her younger brother who killed her.

It was another honour killing in the country where around a hundred women are either burnt, strangled or shot to death if they fail to maintain the “honour” of their family.

In this case, Baloch rose to fame after sharing videos on Facebook in which she talked about variety of topics including some that only inquired the viewers how she was looking but caught notice of the nation for her provocative behaviour.


Before the murder, she found herself amidst another controversy when her pictures with Mufti Qawi saw light of the day.

Mufti Qawi, who was subsequently suspended from his post, received flak for meeting Baloch in a house in Karachi during his visit to the city.

Baloch’s three marriages which were not known to the public were revealed days before she died. She was married in 2008 to a local hailing from Kot Addu and had a child with him before the couple divorced in 2010.

Another man from Peshawar claimed to have been married to her some 13 years ago after she eloped with him. Shahid Iqbal, a tailor by profession also claimed she was married to another man before him.


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