Will not play on Modi's communal pitch, says Congress

Kharge called PM Narendra Modi jhoothon ka sardar' and accused him of lying about the grand old party's manifesto to mislead the public

Jagadhari: The Congress on Tuesday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that the party refuses to play on Modi’s communal pitch and it successfully navigated Modi’s “googlies and bouncers”.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said a “2004 moment” will be witnessed on June 4 with the I.N.D.I.A. bloc getting a clear mandate in the Lok Sabha polls, and asserted that a primary factor in the alliance’s “strong performance” would be a “hugely impressive” turnaround in Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge called Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘jhoothon ka sardar’ and accused him of lying about the grand old party’s manifesto to mislead the public.

Addressing his first rally in Haryana here in Yamunanagar district, Kharge also asserted that he is not against Modi but his ideology. “Congress is fighting against the ideology of RSS -- a Hindu right body and the ideological parent of the BJP. You (BJP) are snatching the Constitution and we are fighting against it. You want to end democracy and we are fighting it,” he said.

The Congress president said, “You (Modi) say the country is secure because of you. Tum to pahad khod ke chuha nikalne wale log hai” adding, “We did everything, that is why Modi ji you became the Prime Minister of the country”.

Slamming Modi over his remarks that the Congress was planning to redistribute wealth and take away women’s mangalsutras. Kharge said, “Modi says if Congress comes to power, it will snatch away all your properties. After getting X-ray done, where is mangalsutra, gold, silver? It will take it out and give it to others,” while adding “If you have 2 acres, one acre will be given to others, if you have two buffaloes, one will be given to Muslims”.

“If a person sitting in such a position (PM) says these things, then what should we say? Should such people be given votes again?” he asked the gathering. “He is a jhoothon ka sardar,” he added.

Kharge from the dias also paid tribute to former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi on his death anniversary. He said it was under the leadership of Rajiv Gandhi the Congress got the biggest mandate with 414 seats in 1984. Taking a dig at Modi, Kharge said, “You always say I did this and I did that. What Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi did for the nation, that is called work”.

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