Congress, SP will run a bulldozer on Ram Mandir: Modi

PM confident of scoring hat-trick in the 2024 LS elections

Barabanki: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress and Samajwadi Party (SP) on Friday, alleging that they would "run a bulldozer" over the Ram Temple if elected to power. Speaking at election rallies in Barabanki, Fatehpur, and Hamirpur, Modi urged the Opposition parties to seek guidance from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on proper bulldozer usage.

In a charged address in Barabanki, the Prime Minister accused the Opposition I.N.D.I.A. bloc of fostering instability, likening their campaign to a collapsing house of cards. He expressed confidence in securing a third consecutive term, by pointing to his commitment to making significant decisions for the poor, youth, women, and farmers.

“June 4 is not far. The whole country and the world knows that the Modi government is going to score a hat-trick,” Modi declared.

The Prime Minister contrasted the BJP-NDA alliance's dedication to national interests with the Opposition's alleged intent to create chaos. "We need MPs who will develop the area, not those who will abuse Modi for five years," he asserted, promoting the BJP's election symbol, the lotus, as the sole option for rapid development.

Modi criticised the SP and Congress for their stance on the Ram Temple. He claimed a senior SP leader dismissed the temple as "useless" and accused the Congress of planning to overturn the Supreme Court's decision on the temple. "If the SP-Congress come to power, they will send Ram Lalla back to the tent and bulldoze the temple," Modi warned, advising the Opposition to take "tuition" from Adityanath on appropriate bulldozer usage.

Highlighting the SP and Congress's priority of vote banks, Modi argued that their appeasement politics leads to restlessness and baseless accusations against him. He noted the positive reception of the BJP's triple talaq law among women, indicating growing support for the party.

In Fatehpur, Modi claimed the I.N.D.I.A. bloc had already been defeated in the first four phases of the elections, causing their workers to abandon campaign activities. He also reiterated his prediction that Rahul Gandhi would not contest from Amethi, revealing Congress's new "Mission 50" strategy to secure at least 50 seats nationwide.

Mocking the Opposition's ambitions, Modi said, “A Congress leader claimed the people of Rae Bareli will elect the Prime Minister. This shattered the dreams of the Samajwadi prince.”

Taking a swipe at the SP and the Congress, Modi said, "The dreams of 'panja' (Congress's poll symbol) and 'cycle' (SP's poll symbol) have shattered 'khata-khat, khata-khat'. Now they are planning for post-June 4 as to who should be blamed for the defeat 'khata-khat, khata-khat'. And, someone was telling me that tickets for foreign trips have also been booked 'khata-khat, khata-khat'."

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has used the phrase "Khata-khat khata-khat" to claim that a fixed stipend would flow into the accounts of poor women if his party comes to power.

In Hamirpur, Modi warned voters about the intentions of the SP and Congress, accusing them of planning to seize properties to reward their vote banks. He cautioned, “The Congress is saying it will investigate everyone's property and distribute it to those who do vote jihad for them.”

Modi concluded by condemning both parties for their shared dedication to dynastic politics, corruption, criminal promotion, and terrorist sympathies, urging the electorate to be wary of their promises.

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