Dissolve Karnataka assembly,' suggests senior JD(S) leader

The outburst prompted CM Kumaraswamy to request leaders to refrain from making 'contradictory' and 'controversial' statements in public.

Bengaluru: Fed up with the differences in the ruling Congress-JD(S) coalition and the "Siddaramaiah for CM again' clamour, senior JD(S) leader Basavaraj Horatti Saturday suggested that the assembly be dissolved.

His outburst prompted Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy to request coalition leaders to refrain from making 'contradictory' and 'controversial' statements in public.

Pointing out that efforts are being made to form a non-BJP government at the centre, the Chief Minister said such statements by coalition leaders may mar these efforts.

"We are on the verge of formation of a new Government at the Centre. At this juncture, where all efforts are being made to form a non-BJP government at the centre, the contradictory statements by leaders of coalition partners #Congress-#JDS may mar such efforts," Kumaraswamy said in a tweet.

"Hence my humble request to leaders of both parties is to restrain from making contradictory- controversial statements in public and to support the cause," he said.

Horatti made the remarks at a media organisation and stood by his statement later while addressing reporters, saying he was echoing the feelings of the general public.

"I have said both parties have agreed and decided to run the coalition government for five years, working accordingly is the dharma of both parties. Leaving that...what is need for saying that Siddaramaiah should become Chief Minister now?" he asked.

Horatti said it would create confusion among public and BJP would also try to take advantage of differences between coalition partners.

"...this should not happen, it is not right...both have formed the government and one year is over. Saying now that Siddaramaiah should become CM is not right. Such an atmosphere should not be there...come to one clear decision- run the government or leave it, dissolve it and go. Im disappointed, so I'm saying this," he added.

There has been growing clamour within the Congress for Siddaramaiah to become Chief Minister once again, resulting in Congress and JD(S) venting their differences in public.

Horatti had earlier hit out the coalition government in December last year, accusing the Congress of using chief minister Kuaraswamy as a "rubber stamp".

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