Congress will do 'X-ray' of country through caste census: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi criticises BJP's financial ties, advocates for caste-based census in India.

New Delhi: Continuing his attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targeted the Prime Minister, saying that while the BJP has been "counting notes" it received from "tempo wale billionaires," his party will conduct a caste-based census to ensure equality. Gandhi was reacting to Modi's remarks on the Congress receiving “cash loaded in tempos from Adani and Ambani.”

In a post on X, Gandhi said, "They have been 'counting notes' they got from 'tempo wale billionaires' for the last 10 years. We will examine the country through a caste-based census and ensure an equitable share for every section."

He also shared a party advertisement which addresses the government's stance on the caste census issue. Gandhi and other Congress leaders have demanded that the Prime Minister order a CBI or ED probe into whether Adani and Ambani had sent them black money. The Congress has also asked the Prime Minister to share his views on a socio-economic census.

Gandhi has accepted an invitation from Justice (Retd) Madan B Lokur, Justice (Retd) Ajit P. Shah, and journalist N. Ram for a public debate with Prime Minister Modi. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is yet to muster the courage to accept the invitation for debate.

Justice (Retd) Madan B. Lokur, Justice (Retd) Ajit P. Shah, and journalist N. Ram had written to former Congress chief Gandhi and the Prime Minister last week, inviting them to a platform for a debate on key Lok Sabha election issues.

"Day 1 of Rahul Gandhi's letter accepting an invitation to debate the Prime Minister. The 56-inch chest has not yet mustered the courage to accept the invite," Ramesh said in a post on X. He also criticised the interviews being given by the Prime Minister as "farce" and "orchestrated."

"The outgoing Prime Minister's interviews — to newspapers and TV channels - are a complete farce that the country is being subjected to these days. Every tiny detail is orchestrated and managed by him. There is not one thing natural or spontaneous about them except his lies and theatrics. There is no cross-questioning and no attempt to engage him in a conversation. It is all pre-scripted. There has been no other political leader in India, current or past, who has dealt with the media in this manner."

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