Opposition indulges in politics of hate, separatism: PM in Tamil Nadu

Punish Congress, DMK over Katchatheevu, Sanatana Dharma

Mettupalayam/Nagpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday appealed to the voters in Tamil Nadu to punish the DMK-Congress combine in the Lok Sabha election for their betrayal of the state's interests in the Katchatheevu issue and the DMK’s utterances on the obliteration of "Sanatana Dharma”. Later, at a rally in Nagpur, Maharashtra, he said the "Opposition is facing bankruptcy of new ideas" and therefore is “spreading lies that if Modi is voted to power again, it will endanger democracy and Constitution”.

Addressing a mammoth election rally at Mettupalayam, at the foothills of the Nilgiris, Mr Modi said the people of Tamil Nadu have begun to believe that the BJP is the real force to take on the DMK.

It has been proven that the Congress and the DMK betrayed the Tamils on the Katchatheevu issue and the Tamil Nadu fishermen are paying the price for it, Modi alleged.

“The DMK is talking about the elimination of Sanatana Dharma. These are the examples to show their negative mindset and politics of hatred and separatist attitude,” he said.

Addressing the Mettupalayam rally, Modi alleged that the DMK government tried to protect those involved in the attempts to conduct bomb blasts at the Sangameshwarar temple in Coimbatore.

The Congress and the DMK avoided the Ram temple consecration ceremony and even criticised his visit to various sacred places in Tamil Nadu, which are associated with Lord Ram, Mr Modi said, and alleged that the DMK did not appreciate the efforts taken to place “Sengol” in the new Parliament building.

The I.N.D.I.A. bloc has been talking about poverty eradication for decades, but it is interested only in dynastic and family politics to ensure that their kith and kin continue to stay in control of their respective parties and in governance, he said, adding that the Opposition alliance is certainly not interested in the development of the tribals and SC communities.

“The NDA government at the Centre has over the past decade made endeavours for poverty alleviation and the development of the downtrodden,” the Prime Minister said.

The INDIA bloc did not support the NDA move to make a tribal woman President of the country and “it showed their mindset towards the poor and downtrodden,” he added.

Stating that the I.N.D.I.A. bloc ridiculed Indian talents when the country began to produce vaccines to fight Covid-19 pandemic under the Make in India mission, Modi said that India proved to the world that it can produce world-class vaccines and supply them to other countries to save lives.
Targeting the Opposition, Modi pointed out that the Congress-DMK alliance predicted a meltdown of the Indian economy during Covid-19 pandemic, but the government provided all necessary help and financial assistance to the MSME sectors to withstand the challenge and sustain their trade.

“The people of Tamil Nadu are immensely talented and have the potential to grow big in any field. However, the DMK government failed to provide them with the necessary opportunities and support for development in Coimbatore and in other parts of the state. The textile industry in Coimbatore is suffering due to the hike in power tariffs by the DMK rulers,” Mr Modi alleged.

Highlighting his government's achievements, the Prime Minister said that the Union government introduced the Jal-Jeevan scheme to provide potable water to each household, but the DMK is misusing the scheme. He alleged that the DMK is giving connections only to its cadres, ignoring the common poor people.

At the rally, Modi also introduced the party’s candidates -- K. Annamalai (Coimbatore), Union minister L. Murugan (The Nilgiris), A.P. Muruganantham (Erode) and K. Vasantha Rajan (Pollachi) -- and urged people to support them.

Addressing a rally at Kanhan town of Nagpur district in support of ruling alliance candidates from Nagpur, Ramtek, Bhandara-Gondiya Lok Sabha seats of Maharashtra, the PM said chief Constitution maker B.R. Ambedkar's soul must be blessing him for nullifying Article 370, which provided special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Modi attacked the Opposition for saying that the Constitution and democracy will be in danger if he wins a third term in office. He said that even during the Vajpayee government's tenure, it was alleged that the Constitution will be changed and the same narrative now shows that the "opposition is facing bankruptcy of new ideas".

"When a poor man becomes PM, democracy comes under threat from the Opposition. It (the Opposition) cannot see a poor mother's son growing in stature. But Modi is committed to serving the people of India," he noted.

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