BJP's growth will rile Opposition: PM Modi

Modi said those fighting an 'existential battle' had become 'desperate' after the exposure of their corruption

NEW DELHI: Cautioning BJP leaders and workers not to get complacent as there is a view that “no one can defeat” the party in 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday attacked the Opposition for its “badshahi” mindset and for insulting the poor and backward classes. In the wake of the Congress and other Opposition parties accusing the Modi government of running away from their demand for a JPC probe on the Adani issue and misuse of constitutional institutions against their leaders, the PM said they have been “battling an existential crisis” and are resorting to levelling allegations and hatching conspiracies against the ruling party. The PM had recently cautioned BJP leaders that the more the party wins electorally, the more aggressive the Opposition’s onslaught would get.

Addressing BJP members at the party’s 44th foundation day celebrations, Modi said those fighting an “existential battle” had become “desperate” after the exposure of their corruption and were, therefore, conspiring against his government, that was committed to taking tough steps to rid India of corruption, nepotism and law and order challenges.

“Full of hate, these people are speaking one lie after another. They have become restless and desperate at the exposure of their corrupt deeds. They can see now only one way out. They are openly saying ‘Modi teri kabar khudegi’. They are issuing threats to dig (my) grave,” he said.

Cautioning BJP members, who listened to his nearly 50-minute address at over 10 lakh locations, Modi said: “Despite being the world’s biggest political party, we don’t have to be complacent. People have already started saying that no one can defeat the BJP in 2024. This is true, but as BJP workers we have to win the heart of every citizen of the country… We should not be confined to winning polls. Our goal is to win over the hearts of crores of people. We have to fight every poll with the same hard work that we have put in since the time of the Jan Sangh.”

In an apparent reference to the BJP’s ongoing campaign highlighting Congress leader Rahul Gandhi “insult” of the OBC community, Modi attacked those with a “badshahi” mindset for insulting the poor and backward since the party stormed to power in 2014 and accused them of treating people like slaves for decades after Independence.

“The British might have left in 1947 but they left behind the seeds of treating people as slaves in the minds of some… This class of people prospered a lot in the years after Independence who considered power their birthright,” he added, in a clear swipe at the Congress, which had ruled the country in the early decades after freedom.

Drawing parallels between Lord Hanuman, whose birth anniversary is being observed by the devout on Thursday, Modi asserted that the BJP believes in the ideals of selfless service, something with which the Ramayan character is identified.

“India has realised its potential and strength after 2014 just like Lord Hanuman did after eliminating his self-doubt… If we see the whole life of Lord Hanuman, he had a ‘can-do’ attitude that helped him achieve big successes,” said the PM. As Lord Hanuman took on demons fiercely, the government will also act stringently in ridding the country of ills like corruption, nepotism and law and order challenges, the Prime Minister added.

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