KCR announces 60-day action plan to promote greenery, cleanliness in T'gana villages

He instructed that cremation grounds should be put in place in all the villages within six months.

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) on Saturday announced a "60-day action plan" for developing greenery and hygiene in villages.

The decision was taken by the Chief Minister after holding a review meeting with officials from the Panchayat Raj department at Pragathi Bhavan on Saturday to discuss possible improvement in governance in villages.

A 'power week' and the Haritha Haram programmes are part of the action plan, KCR said.

The Chief Minister also announced vacancies in the Panchayat Raj, Mandal Parishad and Zilla Parishad would be filled up and said the government would come out with a comprehensive plan for the village development.

"The Panchayat Raj Act was made to clearly demarcate the duties, powers and responsibilities in the gram panchayats and also clearly pointed out procurement of funds. Hence, this is a good opportunity for the newly elected sarpanches, deputy sarpanches, ward members to perform their duties effectively for the development and progress of the village," he said.

He instructed that cremation grounds should be put in place in all the villages within six months.

"Situation in the villages did not improve or change though we have attained freedom several decades ago. Though thousands of crores are being spent all these years in different forms yet the results are not visible. The government's aim is to get a qualitative change in the villages. For this we will take all the measures," KCR said.

Stressing that the state government is providing clean drinking water through Mission Bhagiratha and directly taking care of electricity, irrigation etc, he said, the gram panchayats should focus more on the "cleanliness and greenery."

He instructed that shortly 60-day action programme should be conducted all over the state.

"About 100 flying squads comprising important officials will go for surprise checks during the 60-day programme. If laid down tasks do not get completed during the 60-day programme in villages then action will be taken against the officials and public representatives concerned," the Chief Minister said.

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