UP man hurls 8-month-old son on floor, again and again as wife didn't offer him water

Sahu fled from the house after the incident while Lakshmi made attempts to revive her son.

Lucknow: Following an argument with his wife over not being offered water, a man from Lucknow killed his eight-month-old son in a fit of rage. The incident took place in Nigoha area of Lucknow district on Tuesday night, reported Hindustan Times.

However, as per reports, the accused has been arrested.

Sahu’s wife Lakshmi informed the police that he was very ill-tempered. Superintendent of police (rural) Vikrant Vir said, “Nigoha police arrested Surendra Sahu (30), a daily wage earner, late on Tuesday night for the murder of his infant son. The police is investigating the matter.”

Recollecting the brutal act, Lakshmi said, “He returned home at around 10 pm. I opened the door for him and went inside to do some work. He started abusing me for not offering him water. He then grabbed our son sleeping on a cot and flung him to one side of the room.”

“The infant first hit the side wall and then fell on the floor face down. He started crying which apparently angered Sahu more. He picked the infant and threw him on the floor again and again till the child died. I tried to stop him and even fell on his feet but he didn’t stop,” Lakshmi further said.

Sahu fled from the house after the incident while Lakshmi made attempts to revive her son. She called the neighbours and they took the child to hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Post mortem examination revealed a fractured skull, dislocated arms and legs and a badly disfigured face.

A team from Nigoha police station rushed to the spot soon after neighbours informed the police. Station officer Jagdish Pandey recorded the complaint of Sahu’s wife and launched a manhunt to arrest him. He was nabbed two hours later.

He confessed to murdering his infant son but showed no remorse for his act. “He appeared normal and casually admitted to murdering his son. There was no remorse in his eyes,” Pandey said.

Sahu was presented in court on Wednesday and sent to prison in judicial custody.

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