'Congress prefers goons,' Priyanka Chaturvedi quits party, joins Sena

She was miffed at reinstatement of some party workers in UP who had threatened and misbehaved with her a few days ago.

New Delhi: The Congress parties most vocal face, its national spokesperson and media cell convenor, Priyanka Chaturvedi quit the party on Thursday evening, a day after she had gone public with her anguish that the party had reinstated cadres who had misbehaved with a few days ago, sources said.

After quitting all the posts in the party, Chaturvedi sent her resignation to the party's top brass. There is no confirmation that her resignation has been accepted.

It was also learnt that Chaturvedi will join the Shiv Sena.

This is what Chaturvedi had tweeted on Wednesday.

She has also changed her introduction in her Twitter account where she had made a clear mention earlier about the posts she held in the party.

Photo: ANI | TwitterPhoto: ANI | Twitter

She was miffed at the reinstatement of some party workers in Uttar Pradesh who had threatened and misbehaved with her during her press conference in Mathura a few days ago. The party which had suspended those workers reinstated them on April 15.

Addressing a press conference with Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, Chaturvedi said she left the Congress after being upset over reinstatement of party workers who misbehaved with her. "It is not true that I quit the Congress after being denied Lok Sabha ticket," Chaturvedi said in response to a query. Welcoming her in the party fold, Thackeray said Shiv Sena workers have got a "good sister" in Chaturvedi.

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