Ram Lalla's idol installed in sanctum sanctorum

The transportation of the idol to the temple was carried out in a truck

NEW DELHI: The idol of Ram Lalla was ceremoniously brought inside the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram temple on Wednesday night, said Nripendra Mishra, chairperson, Shri Ram Mandir Construction Committee. Preceding the idol's placement, a special puja was conducted within the sanctum sanctorum.

The transportation of the idol to the temple was carried out in a truck.

A total of 121 'acharyas' are actively involved in conducting the intricate rituals associated with the consecration process. The 'Pran Pratishtha' ceremony at the Ram temple is slated to start at 12.20 pm on January 22, and conclude by 1 pm.

Despite the idol of Ram Lalla being placed inside the sanctum sanctorum, it has not yet been formally 'virajmaan' (installed), revealed priest Arun Dixit. He mentioned a technical issue, indicating that engineers will address the matter. As part of the upcoming rituals, the idol is scheduled to undergo a cleansing with water in the 'Jaladhivas' ritual on the same day. Additionally, 'Ganesh Pujan' and 'Varun Pujan' ceremonies will be conducted.

Priest Arun Dixit further elaborated that a 'Vastu Puja' will take place outside the sanctum sanctorum on the temple premises, contributing to the series of rituals leading up to the much-anticipated consecration of the Ram temple.

Various rituals are currently underway in preparation for the consecration ceremony scheduled for January 22 at the Ram temple. On Wednesday, a 'Kalash Pujan' took place as part of the ongoing religious activities. The rituals are set to continue until January 21, culminating in the consecration day when the minimum essential rituals required for the 'Pran Pratishtha' of the Ram Lalla idol will be performed, according to officials from the Ram temple trust.

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