2 Telangana residents drown in Australia beach while saving family, 1 missing

The accident occurred after the trio jumped into the water to rescue their family's drowning children but were caught in the currents.

Hyderabad: Two Indian nationals drowned and another is still missing at Australia's Moonee beach on Monday.

All the three deceased belonged to the same family and have been identified as residents of Telangana.

The accident occurred after the trio jumped into the water to rescue drowning the children (from family) but were caught in the currents. The children were saved by a rescue team and taken to the hospital.

Nazreen, sister of Junaid who is still missing, spoke to ANI over the phone saying: "My brother Mohammed Abdul Junaid, 28 years old, went to Australia in the year 2014 for completing his masters and since then he was staying in Sydney. Yesterday, Junaid along with his father-in-law Mohammed Ghouse Uddin, his two daughters Easha (17), Ramsha (12), one son Mohammed Aaqib (15) and his cousin Rahat went to Moonee beach near Coffs Harbour for a holiday".

"Three children were playing near the seashore when they got troubled in the waves. On seeing this Junaid, along with his father-in-law Ghouse Uddin and cousin Rahat sprung into the water to save the children. All of them were facing difficulty in the water and were drowning when a rescue team reached the spot and saved the three children."

The rescue teams were also able to rescue Ghouse and Rahat from the sea but were unable to revive them.

Junaid, however, could not be found.

The search operation for him had started on Monday but was stopped due to low light. The search operation resumed in the morning.

The three children Easha, Mohammed Aaqib and Ramsha are currently undergoing treatment in Coffs Harbour hospital.

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