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Practical approach to romantic bonds

Published : Nov 16, 2019, 7:48 am IST
Updated : Nov 16, 2019, 7:48 am IST

Many couples are opting for LDRs in order to focus on their respective careers.

Visweswaran and his wife Pavithra
 Visweswaran and his wife Pavithra

Gone are the days when couples would turn down great job opportunities because of their inability to relocate. Driven young couples now are making #LDRgoals and are focussing on a career growth along with growing are a couple. We speak to such couples to understand what makes their bonds stronger and how they manage to strengthen it.

Visweswaran Sivakumar, 33, who is pursuing his PG Diploma course in entrepreneurship and marketing in Canada took a break from his job in India. He chose to go to Canada and make a living while his wife is studying in China. He shares, “My wife was doing her medicine in China when we got married and is in her final year of internship at the moment. This is the most crucial time of her career and hence she barely gets free time. It was difficult for us but we were aware of the consequences and were prepared for it. I decided to come to Canada to study during this time-frame and intend to bring her here when she is done with the course.”

Speaking about how they manage to make time for each other Visweswaran says, “Sometimes we eat together on a video call but the time difference makes it harder. I ensure to speak to her on my way to college, I even try to stay up longer to speak to her. When I am visiting new places I take her along with me on a video call. I believe the friendship and understanding we have is what makes us stronger.”

Himani Singh a solution architect in a reputed firm in Bengaluru believes that a career growth is as essential as the relationship in a marriage. Speaking about her husband who is working in Hyderabad she says, “My husband ensures to meet me over the weekend and it’s something I look forward to. The key is to stay connected. Since we’re both in different locations we can focus in our careers over the week and dedicate time for eachother over the weekend when we meet. I ensure to wake up early on Saturdays to welcome my husband. We can also have a social life and make plans with our friends and the fact that my husband isn’t waiting for me at home will certainly not be a baggage. This works only when the understanding between the couple is strong and the fact that we are driven by the zeal to excel in our careers and support eachother through the process is what strengthens our relationship.”

A strong understanding always lays the foundation for a happy marriage life,  Vipin Dhiman an AGM Sourcing and Technical in manufacturing company, who likes being addressed as a wife’s boy, works in Ludhiana while his wife works in their hometown. Here’s how he strikes the balance, “My wife and I are very passionate about our careers and we support each other throughout. I ensure to visit her atleast twice a month and when I’m home I ensure to do all the household chores including cooking a nice meal for her. We go out on dinner dates and our love is always strong as ever. The key is trust!”

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