Navy aircraft MiG-29K crashes due to engine fire in Goa, pilots eject safely

The aircraft that crashed was a trainer version of the fighter jet.

New Delhi: A MiG-29K fighter aircraft crashed in Goa soon after it took off for a training mission. Both the pilots have managed to eject safely.

The aircraft that crashed was a trainer version of the fighter jet.

"The MiG-29K trainer aircraft suffered an engine fire. The pilots Captain M Sheokhand and Lt Commander Deepak Yadav ejected safely," said Navy Spokesperson Commander Vivek Madhwal.

Sharing further details, Goa Airport sources said that the Navy aircraft crashed in South Goa at around 12, shortly after the aircraft took off from the Dabolim International Airport.

MiG-29K trainer aircraft was flying from ashore in Goa. During recovery, there was a bird hit and fire on the right engine was observed. The aircraft crashed in an open and safe area.

However, no casualties were reported, according to Indian Navy.

Later in the day, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh spoke to pilots -- Captain M Sheokhand and Lieutenant Commander Deepak Yadav, who have ejected safely during the MiG-29 K twin-seater aircraft crash in Goa.

"Spoke to the pilots, Capt Mrigank Sheokhand and Deepak Yadav of the MiG-29K, which crashed after the take-off from Goa today. It is a matter of great satisfaction that they managed to eject in time and both of them are safe. I pray for their good health and well-being," Rajnath said tweeted.

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