I have info on PM's personal corruption: Rahul

'The Prime Minister is personally terrified with the information that I have,' the Congress leader said.

New Delhi: Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday lashed out the ruling BJP, claiming that he is not being allowed to speak in the Parliament as Narendra Modi is “terrified” of the information that his party holds on the Prime Minister’s "personal corruption".

“I have some personal information on Modiji and I want to speak in Lok Sabha about it, but I am not being allowed to speak” Rahul told reporters.

“The Prime Minister is personally terrified with the information that I have. It is personal corruption of the Prime Minister that we have detailed information on,” Rahul said.

When questioned about the details of the information, Rahul refused to reveal details and said he would only speak on the matter in the Parliament. "I have been elected by the people of India, by the people of Amethi, and the right place for me to speak on such issues in in the House," he said.

"I have come here to speak. Let's see if the government allows me to speak," he added.
Gandhi had on Friday last said that his party wants debate on demonetisation so that the truth can come to the fore, but the government is running away from it.

The Congress leader had said that when he gets a chance to speak about demonetisation in the House, "the Prime Minister will not be able to even sit there... Demonetisation is the biggest scam in the history of India... I want to speak in Lok Sabha. I will tell everything there."

The Winter Session of Parliament resumed on Monday after a four-day hiatus. It has seen little transaction of any substantial business due to ruckus over demonetisation and other issues.

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