TDP to wait till Rajya Sabha polls to take call on ties with BJP?

To win in the Rajya Sabha elections in the first round, 44 MLAs' support is required.

Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh chief minister and TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu will take a decision on snapping the ties with BJP after the crucial Rajya Sabha elections scheduled to be held on March 23.

In AP, elections will be held for three Rajya Sabha seats and according to present MLAs’ strength, TDP will get two and YSRCP will get one. But Mr Naidu is trying to get all three seats by attracting some YSRCP MLAs to defeat YSRCP candidate. In this process, support of 4 BJP MLAs is important to TDP. If the TDP snaps ties with BJP now, it will lose the support of BJP MLAs and this will benefit the YSRCP candidate. Keeping this in mind, the TDP leadership has decided to quit from Union Cabinet and continue in NDA for the time being.

To win in the Rajya Sabha elections in the first round, 44 MLAs’ support is required. At present YSRCP has 44 MLAs and TDP has 131 MLAs strength including 4 BJP MLAs. To win 3 seats in the first round, TDP is short of one MLA.

The last date for filling nominations for the RS polls is March 12. If TDP fields 3 candidates, the polls will be held on March 23. In the fear that TDP may poach their MLAs YSRCP leadership has sent all MLAs out of the state.

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