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Comedian by day, sex offender by night

Published : Dec 8, 2019, 3:55 am IST
Updated : Dec 8, 2019, 3:55 am IST

The ‘godman’ has been accused of sexually harassing several disciples in his ashram, including three minor children (one boy and two girls).

Swami Nithyananda (Photo: File)
 Swami Nithyananda (Photo: File)

Chennai: Nithyananda, the self-proclaimed ‘god-man’, also a much sought-after rape accused has been at the centre of social media storm recently. His presence, though unwelcome, cannot be ignored for it remains splattered like persistent stain all over social media, not to forget his no-brainer ‘enlightening’ videos which trend every now and then.

His ‘spiritually uplifting’ videos, released by the man himself on his youtube channel with the ‘noble’ intention of offering words of wisdom to his ‘followers’, unfortunately, manage to tickle the viewers’ funny bone, almost every other time. His nonsensical claims of delaying the sunrise for 40 minutes, his ability to make cows speak in Tamil and Sanskrit, and explaining Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence wrong are testimony to this. That the man is a laughing stock is a well-established fact. But, it is also high time we see Nithyananda for who he really his - a repeat sex offender hiding under the garb of a ‘comedian’ for us, and a ‘spiritual guru’ for a few.

The ‘godman’ has been accused of sexually harassing several disciples in his ashram, including three minor children (one boy and two girls). He is also facing trial under Sections 376 (rape), 377 (unnatural sex), 420 (cheating), 114 (criminal abetment), 201 (disappearance of evidence, giving false information), 120B (criminal conspiracy), and other charges under the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Amidst all the charges levelled against him, the man has managed to flee the nation for good, only to set up his own’ cosmic’ micro-nation Kailaasa. While the police have launched a manhunt to nab him, he manages to pop up on our screens with new sermons almost every other day, operating from his ‘Hindu’ nation ‘without borders’ from some god forsaken part of the world. In a recent video, he is even seen telling his followers," Nobody can touch me. I will show my integrity to you by revealing the reality and truth to you. Now nobody can touch me, I can tell you the truth-I am Param shiva. No stupid court can prosecute me for revealing the truth. I am Param Shiva".

Barring the die-hard, presumably brick-headed ‘devotees’, there is hardly anyone who takes him seriously, not even the Indian government for that matter, who seem to be putting in little effort to nab this delusional ‘ god-man sans comedian by day and repeat law offender by the night’. Meanwhile, his videos remain out for us to watch and laugh on his youtube channel ‘Nithyananda’.

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