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Strike back

Published : Apr 8, 2019, 6:22 am IST
Updated : Apr 8, 2019, 6:23 am IST

It was a fashion show of sorts, where the brave women who successfully battled cancer walked the ramp to celebrate life.

Pooja Gogia
 Pooja Gogia

‘Power of Pink’ — a fund raiser to express solidarity with cancer survivors, was hosted in the Capital. Brave women who battled cancer walked the ramp to celebrate life.

Curated by Piya Bajwa, founder of Nobility for Ability, along with Max Life Insurance, it was an effort to create awareness on early detection of the disease.


The evening commenced with a discussion on the topic ‘Early cancer detection’ followed by a fashion walk by the cancer survivors based on designer Charu Parashar’s collection.

The panel discussion engaged the guests on how to detect early signs and symptoms of cancer, medical advancements in cancer research, healthy eating habits and lifestyle, financial implications and security.   

Aalok Bhan, director & chief marketing officer at Max Life Insurance shares, “Battling cancer of any kind requires financial strength besides courage and will power. Though medical advancements have increased the chances of early detection and successful treatment, the treatment costs are expensive.”


Piya BajwaPiya Bajwa

It is true the who process, which often takes months to eradicate and clean any signs of the disease from the body often takes a toll in the pocket.

Curating a fashion show to make survivors feel confident of themselves, only added some spice.

Speaking on her design, Charu Parashar says, “For a woman, fashion is the most intimate way of self expression. I have curated this collection for the breast cancer survivors and help them celebrate life.”

Piya Bajwa who was also the show-stopper, recalls she discovered she had breast cancer in 2007 and within 15 days she got her surgery done. “When you get the treatment done early, you can go forward. My husband came into my life when I was detected with cancer. He decided to marry me. He had told my parents he wanted to marry their daughter knowing the very fact that I had cancer,” she recalls. Although divorced she does give all credit to her former husband and son for being her pillar of strength.


She adds, “My family, parents, my dad who is no more, always believed that there is nothing that you cannot help. I definitely feel sympathy and empathy because most people do not understand what cancer is.”

According to her it’s a myth and people attach taboos to it, which is actually not there. It is a very treatable disease and you need to have a positive mindset. One needs to believe that one can get over cancer. “As I said that cancer is just like any other disease. It is so rampant that it is like flu. Cases of cancer is on a rise in our country because we all are in such a rat race. We don't get proper sleep. We are living in a very stressful world. The stress is emotional, physical and mental. When all these manifests what is going to be the outcome? You need a stressless and a completely balanced life.”


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