Eve-teasing rampant in BHU; same curfew timings for boys, girls: NCW

The NCW chairperson pointed out that a few boys, who are not students of BHU, have been staying 'illegally' in the university hostels.

New Delhi: Taking note of the recent protests in Banaras Hindu University at Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh over molestation of a student, National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Rekha Sharma on Friday said that eve-teasing is rampant on the campus and boys from the varsity also get involved in such incidents.

“We found eve-teasing is rampant on campus, even campus' boys get involved. We have told DC to send legal-aid for sensitisation,” ANI quoted Sharma as saying.

Stating that the condition around Naveen Hostel on the campus is “terrible”, she said the commission has asked the authorities to increase security there.

Speaking on the curfew timings imposed on the female students of BHU, Sharma said that a decision will be taken in a day or two. Same time restrictions will be imposed on both male and female students of the campus, she added.

The NCW chairperson also pointed out that few boys, who are not students of BHU, have been found staying “illegally” in the university hostels.

“Have asked girls to identify them. List will be given to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP). They will be rounded up, immediately ousted from the campus and a legal action will be taken against them,” Sharma said.

Speaking about the security arrangements in the university, Sharma said that special security cameras have been installed on the campus and high-tech ones will be installed soon.

The commission has also asked the SSP to deploy forces on the campus for a few days.

On the protest, Sharma said that the female students wanted to talk to the vice-chancellor about the issues they were facing and were demonstrating peacefully. However, the situation on the campus turned violent when “outsiders” hijacked their protest.

She mentioned that vice-chancellor Girish Chandra Tripathi did not “play his part” in containing the situation. “He neither met me nor picked calls. He'll be summoned to Delhi,” Sharma said.

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