Corruption Congress's sole identity, vote for BJP: Modi in poll-bound Himachal

Earlier, Modi said that HP elections had become a one-sided contest and Congress had run away from battlefield.

New Delhi: In yet another scathing attack on Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that the upcoming Himachal Pradesh elections had become a one-sided contest and Congress had run away from the battlefield.

Modi is addressing his first rally at Una.

Later, he will also address rallies in Palampur assembly segment in Kangra district and in Kullu.

Himachal Pradesh goes to vote on November 9.

Here are the highlights:

  • I urge people & especially women of Himachal Pradesh to turn out in large numbers and vote for the BJP on 9th November: Modi
  • Congress is using all possible means to blame us but our fight against black money and corruption will continue, Modi adds
  • We want to fulfill the aspirations of poor & neo-middle class. Our initiatives are aimed at strengthening & empowering them: PM
  • Welfare of people has never been a priority for the Congress party, he adds attacking the Opposition
  • Corruption is the only identity of Congress party, says PM in Himachal Pradesh
  • Shanta Kumar ji took up herculean task of laying water pipelines, Dhumal ji's contribution towards promoting tourism in Himachal Pradesh is well known, he adds
  • These elections are not about who will form the government or who will become the CM, but are about transforming lives of people in Himachal Pradesh, says Modi
  • Modi addresses the crowd in his second rally in Palampur
  • Referring to the anniversary of demonetisation, Modi said, Few people who faced the heat of demonetisation are still complaining and planning to observe November 8 as black money day
  • Congress did not implement the benami assets law as they were well aware it would reveal all their wrong doings, PM adds
  • Speaking on the Goods and Service Tax (GST), Modi said, GST has immensely benefited the transport sector. Truck movement between the states has gained pace
  • Our focus is on 'Vikas'. Only development is the solution to all the troubles and take the nation to greater heights: PM
  • What was the reason that infrastructure development was so slow during the Congress? After we came to power, things changed in 3 years, the PM says
  • We are working to fulfill people's aspirations. We will ensure jobs for youth, healthcare for elderly and proper education for children, Modi says
  • These elections have become one-sided in Himachal Pradesh. Congress has run away from the battlefield, he adds
  • Ours is a government devoted to serve the people. The money we release, we ensure it is completely utilized for people's welfare, says the Prime Minister
  • People are now well aware of our government that works dedicatedly and a government that used to make only statements, he adds launching an attack on Congress
  • I have never seen the enthusiasm that I am witnessing this time in Himchal Pradesh during elections. This is a clear indication that people want change, says Modi
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