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  30 May 2021  Piyush Bhardwaj exclusive interview: Evolution of an actor

Piyush Bhardwaj exclusive interview: Evolution of an actor

Published : May 30, 2021, 5:07 pm IST
Updated : May 30, 2021, 5:07 pm IST

He became a motivation for many up-and-coming people in their path of accomplishment in the acting industry

Piyush Bhardwaj.
 Piyush Bhardwaj.

Acting has always been a fascinated career for everyone. Taking Bollywood, it has been one of the biggest industries in the world. When talking about the role of an actor or producer, the person always knows what to hide and to highlight. Mr. Piyush Pandey, popularly known as Piyush Bhardwaj (Entrepreneur & Producer) is one such name. He is an artist natively from Greater Noida, who became a motivation for many up-and-coming people in their path of accomplishment in the acting industry. Recently in an interview said, “Never let your dreams be just dreams, just follow their way!”

Excerpts from interview:

Q: Did the desire to be an actor rooted from childhood?

A: Yes, can say! Since I passed my 12th from J.S. Convent School, with a mentality of becoming Engineer or doctor, I was given fess to join colleges, But I found my dreams much big then college admission, I have gone to join Kshitij Theatre. I learned there for the tenure of 6 months.

Q. Could you walk us through the stages of your life?

A: So, I would better say, my life is full of riddles. When I decided to explore Mumbai with a desire of being an actor in 2016, I have given several auditions and had been there for approx. a month. I was clueless about the metropolitan city Mumbai. I used to travel all the way from Navi Mumbai to Andheri West.

I then shifted back from Mumbai, due to financial crisis and joined back theatre for next 2 years. Taking a step ahead, I quit my graduation and then gave a couple of auditions and then finally joined as Casting Intern. As, I told full of riddles, here we are up with COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and I was back at my home at Greater Noida.

Q. What has changed since you are back for City of Dreams?    

It is not always us, who contributes to our life journey. With the time, I realized my growing interest in business as well. I started my transportation business with IT companies so far, everything is going on track and now the next aim is to open my own production house, this is to contribute in someone’s dream to get fulfilled. Even I am also planning to launch an Event firm as well. As, we have many plans, destiny also have a couple of plans for us, so let see where it intersects.

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