Y-Axis: Creating Global Indians Since 1999

The Indian diaspora in so many countries is also a source of direct support for India

India regards its successful expatriates – the Global Indians – as a source of pride, support, as well as investment.

The Indian diaspora in so many countries is also a source of direct support for India. Not only do the Global Indians influence the popular attitudes; successful expatriates also influence government policies back home.

Ease of communications and travel today allows expatriates to be better engaged with India.

With Y-Axis, transitioning onto a Global Indian is indeed possible and definitely achievable.

When you submit a Decision Ready Application, you undoubtedly optimize the chances of your visa being granted by the concerned government.

Y-Axis can help you get it right the first time itself.

Trusted by a wide majority and with over 1 million success stories to boot, Y-Axis is India’s No. 1 Immigration & Visa Consultant.

Today, our 40+ company-owned and managed offices are present throughout India at various key locations. You can also walk-in to any of our Y-Axis offices in UAE (Dubai, Sharjah), or Australia (Melbourne, Sydney).

Being a market leader is not a privilege but a responsibility. We take ours very seriously.

Y-Axis has the critical know-how as well as the requisite experience for handling a diverse range of immigration cases.

Creating Global Indians for over 20+ years now, Y-Axis builds upon the conviction that migrating overseas transforms an individual’s fortune and outlook for life in general. All for the better.

An individual that decides to put down roots abroad, not only sends back a significant amount of money back home, but also builds networks and businesses, turning into a global citizen in the process.

Y-Jobs is a platform where employers and candidates find the right fit. Y-Jobs will assist you in finding your dream job in a foreign country of your choice, using our support services until the time you settle down permanently.

In addition to offering support for the motive that prompted you to seek a visa – Migrate Overseas, Visit Overseas, Study Overseas, Work Overseas, or Invest Overseas – we offer various products and services that can help you on the way, both before and after getting your visa.

Snapshot of our Services

  • PR Visas
    • Canada Express Entry
    • Australia Skilled Migration
    • EU Blue Card
  • Study Visas
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • USA
    • UK
    • Germany
    • France
    • Europe
  • Work Visas
    • Germany Jobseeker
    • UK Skilled Worker
  • Investor Visas
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • UK
    • USA
  • Coaching - IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, CELPIP and German language
  • Job Search Services - Resume Writing, Resume Marketing, International Jobs

Y-Axis Foundation's US Education Advisory Centre, in collaboration with the US Embassy in India, is specifically targeted at students exploring Study Overseas options in the US.

EDUSA by Y-Axis is a free initiative and open for participation by all.

Y-Axis Middle East DMCC has been instrumental in the lives of many, by helping them get ahead in life through the opportunity for studying, working and living in Canada and Australia.

Y-Axis Middle East DMCC, owned by Y-Axis, is IELTS Official Testing Centre in Dubai. The only immigration company in Dubai to have this honour.

Y-Axis, Australia has over the years established its reputation as a leading migration agent in Melbourne.

We at Y-Axis believe in transparency and continue to improve both our processes and technology to ensure seamless workflow.

Y-Axis provides well-rounded support to all of our clients. While we work on the processing and the documentation, we do make it a point to keep the client in the loop at all times.

Our clients enjoy a good rapport and bonding with our consultants that practically hand-hold the individual throughout the process.

Getting a visa granted the first time around is indeed possible. All that you need is the right assistance.

Global resettlement services offered by Y-Axis provide end-to-end solutions. Simply walk-in for Free Counseling.

Let us work together to help you realize your overseas aspirations.

You can be the next Global Indian.

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