Mayank Jain- The Chartered Marketer for social media and All Things Digital

Jain ideated and created the ever-growing digital marketing agency - Elite Discoveries - that looks like it's going to be the next big fish

Mayank Jain was quite set on becoming a Chartered Accountant few years ago when his mind did a double take and he realized that the world of virtual marketing was basically suffering neglect without his expertise. Thus, he ideated and created the ever-growing digital marketing Agency- Elite Discoveries that looks like it's going to be the next big fish among all other online marketing firms today.

The one thing that you need to understand about this man is that he has a straightforward, but the most pragmatic approach towards increasing the visibility of any company. His campaigns are intensely focused on brand outreach and creating strategies for targeted advertisements that best suit the demands of your particular industry.

Given his clear-cut professional scruples, it comes as no surprise that over a hundred clients have outspokenly lauded the work Elite Discoveries has done under his supervision. Along with his team, he has worked for over 1000 clients, whilehe himself has worked with various accounting firms that allowed him to gain strong financial insight.

It is a very rare sight to see the expertise of accountancy meet the needs of present social media. Hence, Elite Discoveries is a hidden asset that most people will be delighted to discover. However, it has not all been roses and lilies for Mr. Mayank Jain. The initial days of the business were flushed with uncertainty and periods of instability. Mayank Jain had incurred initial business losses and difficulties in business, for which no one was there to rescue.

Moreover, there are various competing firms that Elite Discoveries needs to keep up with. However, Mr. Jain likes to remind himself- “Believe in yourself and all that you are”- and such a mindset is sure to get him the success he aspires for.

Meanwhile, all our good wishes lie with the company and its team of innovators.

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