Set Up Your Call Center In Less Than 3 Minutes With Aircall

Aircall helps bridge the gap between the software and other support services, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom, etc.

Aircall, as the name suggests, provides services that revolve around the usage and management of calls and related data but at a larger scale. With Aircall, one can set up a call centre for their organisation with employees ranging from 50 to 1000 in under a minute. Being a business telephony solution cloud company founded in 2014, Aircall is among the most used systems to boost an organization’s customer relationship management (CRM). Aircall aims and helps enhance the efficiency and productivity of the employees altogether, making scope for better engagement with the customer, which results in a higher retention rate.

But that’s just the start to it. Let's dive right in and know more about how Aircall functions and why it can benefit small and medium sized businesses.

How Aircall Helps Businesses

Voip: how does it work? Aircall helps organisations in setting up a VoIP phone system that helps the customer care and support agents to create a cloud-based environment where they can store all the necessary data of the customer so that if a customer calls again, the customer care rep will be equipped with all the knowledge about the caller.

Setting up an account on Aircall is an easy process and takes around an average of just 3 minutes to create and assign a number to the customer care staff. Aircall can be used with any softphone, computers or even smart phones.

It offers an easy to add and deletes option to add or remove new or previous employees, making the process simpler for the organisations. As per the requirement, the organisation can even enable international calls to the customer care staff for the international leads.

What Makes Aircall Most Preferable

Easy Setup

As mentioned above, Aircall is a cloud-based software company that guarantees goodbye to the traditional cables and setup. One can easily install the software and use it on any device of their choice, with the setup taking only a few clicks and minutes to operate.


Aircall helps bridge the gap between the software and other support services, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom, etc. Apart from the help with the customer details and customer retention, Aircall also helps create an internal environment that helps the team communicate better. Every employee’s performance record can be easily accounted for using this software. Aircall even provides an API to integrate with other solutions seamlessly.

Comes with Handy Features

Aircall is also capable of managing automated voice messages, call waiting, call recording, providing a platform for team discussion, several simultaneous calls, shared call mailbox and many more such features dedicated to building a strong customer care and support that would help in better customer retention and better market reputation.

Better Productivity

With better statistics and team results, the organisations can now make better-calculated moves and improvements, avoid guesswork, and pinpoint the main problems in the approaching strategy. With the right strategy, organisations can take better calls in building a better team, ultimately leading to better productivity with much of the time saved from following the wrong approach.

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