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  27 Feb 2021  Sarkar Company Hiring New Talents in Bollywood Industry

Sarkar Company Hiring New Talents in Bollywood Industry

Published : Feb 27, 2021, 8:41 pm IST
Updated : Feb 27, 2021, 8:41 pm IST

Sarkar is a platform to the struggling aspirants to Bollywood and encourages them to make their mark in the world of Bollywood

 S.N.M.D.Sarkar, producer of the Sarkar Company
  S.N.M.D.Sarkar, producer of the Sarkar Company

The anxiety of uncertainty has hit everyone strong as the business has come to a halt due to the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus. This has severely impacted the young struggling actor/actress as their lives always adhered between auditions and their desire. It can be understood only by someone who has either experienced this life or examined it very firmly. Gradually the work has begun with all the protocols, precautions, and new guidelines.

 Yet, when we talk about newcomers the one thing that comes to our mind is a struggle and monetary fund. It takes to much afford to establish a position in the industry although rejection is part of life. If you notice there are a lot of deserving people who don’t even get a chance to showcase their talent.

 Mr. S.N.M.D.Sarkar, producer of the Sarkar Company had a long record of financing Bollywood projects. He has observed that what it intends to be a struggler in Bollywood - To believe in hoping every day and finally fall prey to the big, corrupt world of usurpers. Sarkar is a platform to the struggling aspirants to Bollywood and encourages them to make their mark in the world of Bollywood.

The aim was to expand his production business into a talent hunt. With a recent scenario like nepotism, physical exploitation, casting couch, etc being thrown around with regards to strugglers in Bollywood, it is Mr. Sarkar’s constant urge to encourage newcomers to the world of movies with a realistic method to the industry. He says, “There are various skilled young people who have it in them to accomplish stardom because of the insufficient financial resources they are unable to do."

Our role is we will provide complete statistics to the newcomers to use while appearing for auditions and it includes self-grooming, transportation facility, portfolio building, etc. There are 7 main divisions of professionals who make the backbone of the industry. These categories are – direction, male actor, female actor, singer, scriptwriter, music director, cinematographer, and choreographer. And, of course, the producer, a position which Mr. Sarkar is quite familiar with himself. Speaking about the process, he explains, “We are going to choose talented artists and measure them against the required norms of a project. We are going to give them work on the various projects that our group of companies is already involved in. Be it advertisements, features films, web series and corporate videos, etc.”

To be fair, there is no dearth of people looking for talented professionals for their projects, be it in acting, singing, writing, direction, or choreography. Sarkar Company will act as a bridge between these project owners and the strugglers. Sarkar Company will be an investor to these strugglers, who need the financial back-up to go from one day to another.

 The Sarkar Company will serve the necessity of the applicant to enjoy a completely comfortable life and make them feel like a celebrity to boost their self-esteem. Also, if an artist needs grooming of any sort, the company will finance that too. As a newcomer, you need a well-designed portfolio to present to the producer. Sarkar Company will take care of it.

 Mr. Sarkar insists, “We want to do clear, honest, trustworthy, end-to-end business and keep everything professional.” The artiste must sign an agreement with the Sarkar Company that they will take up a job only through the company negotiations. Sarkar Company means business in the most professional sense and that is what it also expects from the struggling aspirants to Bollywood. In this regard, he doesn’t hesitate to clarify that if any artiste, who has signed up with them, is found flouting the company rules or agreement, will face termination of the agreement as well as legal action.

 The Sarkar Company’s encouraging to support artists belonging to any nationality, religion, or region in India and the world, who want help with financing their dream journey into Tinseltown. Mr. Sarkar has also declared that they will help even Hollywood actors and actresses in other Asian countries who want to make it big in Indian cinema. Sarkar Company is the only platform that supports young talents and strugglers.


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