Housiey: Creating a legacy in the modern-day real estate world

Housiey is India's first real estate platform that connects home buyers directly with builders

The massive momentum and crazy growth a few industries have attained in all these years prove how entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, and top voices contributed heavily to the overall growth of these sectors. Real estate is one to have seen a surge in the number of such incredibly talented entrepreneurs, who stood distinctive from the rest, for they thrived on visionary ideas and a powerful purpose. Who better than Ankit Agarwal, a highly driven serial entrepreneur, to serve as an example here?

Ankit Agarwal is the founder and CEO of Housiey, who is well-known today for creating a special place of its own in the modern-day real estate world. Why, you wonder? Over the years, home buyers often would go by brokers and real estate consultants to buy their dream homes. However, their experiences would generally include continuous calls from brokers to visit the site, their false promises, and not divulging more details about the location, property pricing, etc. This motivated Ankit Agarwal to establish a company that could fill this gap and offer home buyers experiences that are easy, comfortable, and real. This is how Housiey was established.

Housiey is India’s first real estate platform that connects home buyers directly with builders, giving them a bottom rate guarantee with no markup or brokerage charges and simplifying it. Some of the unique selling points that have helped Housiey stay unique in the ever-so-competitive real estate markets are offering home buyers 360-degree actual location tours, 100% correct and all-inclusive pricing with down payment details, real-time inventory availability, sample flat videos, pros and cons of the project, and bottom rate guarantee.

Ankit Agarwal highlights how the company has now enlisted prominent actors like Gautam Rode and Aakash Dabhade for their two new commercial advertisements, which showcase the platform’s USPs and varied features. One advertisement promotes buying homes directly from builders on, guaranteeing lower rates with no brokerage or markups. The other ad focuses on viewing 360-degree location tours and project sample flat videos online. Home buyers can explore multiple project locations and sample flats with their families on before scheduling free site visits for their shortlisted options.

Both these advertisements have received a great response, where home buyers are hooked to buying directly from the builders. Housiey has aggressive plans for the coming quarters with these advertisements, aiming to reach over 5 million users in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore.

Housiey’s vision is to be the first choice of 140 Cr Indians in their home-buying journey.

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