Jackson Gosnell: Teenager setting a benchmark in the world of journalism

Gosnell covers news on social media and serves as a contributor to many networks across the globe

Great things never come out of your comfort zone and the harder you work for something, the greater are your chances of achieving it. Jackson Gosnell, a teenager from South Carolina is a renowned journalist who has gained popularity in the field of journalism. He started his career during his high school and is now working as a correspondent with an Australian streaming network called TickerTV. He also finds his interest in the field of investigative journalism and is focused on reporting news stories from the past few years.

Gosnell also covers news on social media and serves as a contributor to many networks across the globe. He says that he tries to make the news more meaningful and less dark than what people generally encounter. His readers engage and connect to his stories. And the reason behind this engagement is the addition of his personal spin on things by keeping them real. It helps in increasing the credibility and reliability of news and makes it more enjoyable and entertaining. Jackson has already accomplished so much at the young age of 16 and is still working hard towards his growth and development.

His hard work and determination have made him interview some of the high profile officials like the White House press secretary, Kyleigh McEnany. He has partnered with one of his friends Coleman of Gaston Talks to attend a Trump campaign event where the interview with McEnany took place. This has led to a substantial increase in his followers and made him popular among the masses. Hundreds tune in to his live broadcasts on Instagram and Facebook every night to get updated on what’s going on in the world. Viewers say they love watching him because it’s not bland news but rather full of facts and information.

Jackson Gosnell considers Norah Odonnell as his biggest inspiration. He says, “Norah is amazing, I have watched her grow and transition from CBS This Morning to the CBS Evening News”. He went on to say that he dreams of having Norah O’Donnell’s job on the Evening News.

When Jackson was asked what advice he would give to the people aspiring for the same career Jackson said “Don't let anyone or anything hold you back from what you want, because they will certainly try”. His followers are sure Jackson will go after his dreams even more than he ever has before. Catch up with Jackson on social media @jgonsellnews.

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