Priya Srivastava: Story of the Top Notch Fashion Influencer from London

At the beginning like everyone, she was getting a lot of trolls but she never responded to them

Priya Srivastava is an Instagram influencer, Content creator, Fashion designer, fitness advisor and model. She is active, charismatic, adorable and a positive person. Priya’s adorable looks, pretty smile, fit physique, comely black eye, hard work, well planned and quality content make her earn more than 200k followers on her Instagram.

Her followers are fans of her fashion style. She deserves it too as she has a degree in fashion designing from London. She won several awards in her colleges. In an interview, she said that her biggest achievement was the “Iconic Max Award 2020” in the category of “Influencer of the Year 2020.” This award is proof that she has a very bright future in influencing industry.

Priya Srivastava was born in India on Feb 28 1986. She has joined Instagram recently in 2017, after her marriage. In this short span of time, she has won the heart of a major portion of the Instagram audience.

At the beginning like everyone, she was getting a lot of trolls but she never responded to them. She is thankful to her husband, mother in law, father in law, brother and parents because they never stopped her. They have always motivated her.

She was in the notice of people from her iconic recreation of the “Audrey Hepburn look.” In her Instagram captions, she has always exclaimed the gratefulness and support that she has gained from her fans, family, team and friends and has always been appreciative of the love and support that she has gotten all throughout the years.

Her Instagram posts are a mirror of positiveness in life. Her captions and post promptly define her. Her captions are proof of her positivity and her post shows her care, love for her husband, brother and other family members. Priya Srivastava is an inspiration to many, she has a wonderful personal and professional life.

With the beauty, she has used her brain to combine her skills and knowledge with business. She has Endorsed with many big brands and companies like Dior, vogue magazine

Her height is 160cm, her weight is 44 kg and her black eye let her give a nickname, ‘doll’. Her slim look, popularity and the knowledge of fashion and fitness have given her the chance in the model industry too. She had worked as a model for many big photographers.

She is a grounded person. Even after becoming so famous, she says herself, a shy person. She has hardly given any interviews. Yes, she has uploaded her photo with her husband and brother still like to keep them away from the business for security reasons. She always creates a huge gulf between professional life and personal life. She is a true example of women empowerment and a trace of hard work can never be wasted.

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