On world mosquito day, here are 5 modern solutions to stay safe from mosquitoes

Mosquito repellents made out of paper is now possible thanks to the advancement of technology

The long-legged, blood-sucking insect that annoys, bites and leaves you with an itchy feeling is not just a nuisance―it’s one of the world’s deadliest animals. Still guessing who it is? Mosquitoes ofcourse. Spreading diseases such as malaria, dengue and Zika virus, the mosquito kills more people than any other creature in the world. As per the Health Management Information System (HMIS), a data dashboard of the National Health Mission (NHM), India reported over 3.37 lakh cases of malaria and 1.30 lac dengue cases between April, 2020 to March, 2021.

The total economic burden of malaria in India alone, from factors such as school and work absenteeism, healthcare costs and lost tourism, is estimated to be around $2 billion, but even more significantly it’s been estimated by India’s health ministry that eliminating malaria by 2030 would add $4 trillion to the Indian economy

On 20th August, World Mosquito Day, it’s important to raise awareness about the deadly mosquitoes. Although we have become very cautious about hygiene due to COVID-19, it's high time to get cautious about mosquito-borne diseases and generate awareness to protect ourselves from these tiny yet lethal creatures.

Here are 5 smart new-age and modern solutions to tackle pesky mosquitoes with ease:

1. Easy to Use & Safe Roll-ons – For children, look for paediatrician certified, child-friendly roll-on options. It’s a super easy to apply and convenient solution, that works by simply putting a few dots on the clothes. It offers up to 8 hours of protection from mosquitoes, which is apt for school hours or a day-out. It is also compact and tiny and can be stored in pockets.

Recommended Product – Goodknight Fabric roll on

2. Aerosols with Fragrance – Sprays are the most effective killer solutions available. These can be used daily in the evening in corners and under furniture to kill mosquitoes that come from outside. Some sprays are also available in fragrance variants that leave behind a fresh fragrance and instantly kill mosquitoes.

Recommended Solution – HIT Kala (Lime) Spray

3. Racquets – Racquets instantly kill mosquitoes with a powerful charge from their battery. It is important to get a racquet that is durable, has a powerful battery and comes with warranty. Check the duration for which the battery lasts to avoid frequent charging.

Recommended Product – HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet

4. Paper based repellents – Mosquito repellents made out of paper is now possible thanks to the advancement of technology. These repellents are simple, innovative and economical, this format promises to change the way Indians look at mosquito repellents. All one needs to do here is fold, light, and blow out for instant protection. Each strip of paper based repellent burns for few minutes but gives hours of protection. They do not require electricity and is a part product suitable for both urban and rural areas

Recommended Product – Goodknight Advanced Flash Cards

5. Repellent creams – Mosquito repellent cream create a shield keep mosquitoes away & protects you & your family from diseases like dengue, chikungunya & malaria. Opt for branded creams as they come with necessary certification, are paediatrician certified and skin friendly. These repellent body creams are non-sticky, light cream with pleasant Lavender fragrance. They also contain essential oils to moisturize your skin.

Recommended Product – Goodknight Mosquito Repellent Cream

There is a plethora of mosquito repellents in various forms available in the market. It is our responsibility to take advantage of these innovative products and protect ourselves from mosquitoes, eradicating all kinds of vector-borne diseases from India.

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