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  15 Jul 2020  Pearl Academy becomes the only institution to go online for admissions amid lockdown

Pearl Academy becomes the only institution to go online for admissions amid lockdown

Published : Jul 15, 2020, 7:02 pm IST
Updated : Jul 16, 2020, 6:52 pm IST

Exam will be based on pearl academy's regular parameters and tested skills like maths, general attitude, drawing and observation skills

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With the Coronavirus pandemic having influenced all walks of life, we all are attempting to find ways to adjust to the new normal.

While this has been a steady process across all industries, the education industry is also picking up pace in its attempt to provide quality education to students even during the lockdown.

However, coincidently, this is the time when most universities across the globe accept applications for admission and in the light of the lockdown, this has become a cumbersome process.

But there are a few new-age institutions that are paving the way for digital ways to take forward the admissions process and allow students a way to pursue their dreams of entering reputed educational institutions.

One such institution is Pearl Academy. Pearl recently conducted its admission cycle online and became India’s first and only institution to have gone completely digital with their admission cycle.

One of the many steps taken by Pearl Academy to combat the challenges caused by the Covid outbreak was to allow students to take their entrance examinations online. This exam will be taken on 18th July.

This exam will be based on Pearl Academy’s regular parameters and tested skills like Mathematical Skills, General Aptitude, Drawing and Observation Skills, Sense of Proportion, Aesthetic Sensitivity, and Critical Thinking Ability.

Aside from this, to make this process even more seamless for applicants, the institute has launched a mobile application to assist students to stay connected to the campus and provide the necessary assistance and support to them about their course and college.

This app also provides critical information to parents and applicants regarding all the different courses and gives them a clear idea about the education structure at Pearl Academy.

Pearl Academy is among India’s leading institutes, and through these efforts, it has proved that it will always be the flagbearer of change when it comes to creative careers.

Through its constant efforts, the institute has tried to enhance the quality of creative education in India.

Even during these difficult times, Pearl has taken it on itself to ensure that the students’ learning never stops and they are allowed to be productive and efficient even while staying at home.

The admission process at Pearl Academy has been a success and the institute has received over 5000 applicants for their 2020-2023/24 cohort.

Moreover, Pearl Academy is now QS I.Gauge E-Lead certified for E-Learning excellence for academic digitization with a perfect score of 150/150. It is the only Indian Design institute with this distinction.

Pearl Academy has always developed novel ways of keeping its students a step ahead of the competition. This initiative is another feather in their hat and has proved their mettle as one of the best institutions for creative education in the country. To know more about this new-age institute, click here.

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