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  14 Jul 2022  How Instant Feedback is helping new-age Retail Businesses

How Instant Feedback is helping new-age Retail Businesses

Published : Jul 14, 2022, 7:50 pm IST
Updated : Jul 14, 2022, 8:00 pm IST

Mpulse is making waves in the area of customer experience, by offering simple and elegant smiley feedback products

Mpulse offers many different variants of the product to suit the needs of different businesses.
 Mpulse offers many different variants of the product to suit the needs of different businesses.

Customer Experience (CX) has become the focal point for businesses. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of providing a delightfully memorable experience for their customers.

As truly said by Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning"

Even hospitals now have established patient experience protocols to ensure service excellence. A huge amount of data is being collected at various touch points to understand the quality of service rendered by brands, at their outlets.

When you go to a supermarket to do your weekly shopping and come back home, you receive an SMS with a web link, asking for your feedback. The same happens when you travel in the Ola cab or get your vehicle serviced, or when you even visit your optician. Every brand/business that you interact with daily is very keen to understand the quality of service that they render to you. The methodology of feedback collection can vary from SMS to emails or even Tele-calling. But the objective is to measure the customer experience.

On one side, some enterprises offer survey-based solutions to measure customer experience. Customers can answer the survey via a web link or a tab. However, customers hate surveys. That is where smiley feedback terminals are providing an optimal solution to capture customer experience metrics, in a single click. Quite a few brands like Mpulse, Happy-or-Not, and FeedbackNow are making inroads into each and every retail outlet.

In our chat with Gopal M Seetharaman, Founder of Mpulse, he makes a very relevant point. He comes with 20 years of corporate experience in Enterprise Solutions and Telecom. He says “In our discussions with Heads of CX in various top brands, we notice that they are not just content with metrics of CX. They need instantly actionable insights.

Our product Mpulse comes with an instant alert feature. So when a customer provides poor feedback after his shopping, the store supervisor is instantly alerted via SMS. So he can reach out to the customer even before he steps out of the showroom. And resolve the issue.”

He further adds "This feature had been implemented in service centers of a leading two-wheeler company. And they are seeing a visible difference to the service quality at service dealerships."

These instant and actionable insights from Smiley Feedback devices are proving to be a boon for retailers. Just click a smiley if you are happy.

About Mpulse

Mpulse is a fast-growing name in the field of customer experience. Mpulse is making waves in the area of customer experience, by offering simple and elegant smiley feedback products. These stand-alone devices are now visible across many retail outlets, showrooms, hospitals/diagnostic labs, and corporate cafeterias.

Gopal and his team also truly believe that the customers just have enough time to click a smiley. Nothing more. This conviction has helped them successfully establish their brand Mpulse in a space dominated by global brands like Happy-or-Not, Finland, and Feedbacknow from Forrester, US.

The Variety Of Services Provided By Mpulse

Mpulse offers many different variants of the product to suit the needs of different businesses.

Feedback at restrooms and cafeterias can be collected using the Basic model. It captures anonymous feedback at the click of a smiley, rating from Excellent to Very Poor.

There are cases when anonymous feedback will not help. For example in a car service center, if a customer gives poor feedback, the management should be able to reach that customer and resolve the issue. The PRO model is ideally suited for such businesses and retail outlets. It enables the customer to enter their mobile number followed by feedback.

Nowadays, Employee Experience is getting its due importance. In spaces like corporate canteens managed by facility management companies, the identity of the employee is important, but it is cumbersome to ask the employees to enter their mobile numbers daily, just to give feedback about the facilities provided. For example, feedback on the lunch menu or cleanliness of the canteen.  In this case, The Mpulse access is the best solution. It is embedded with an RFID reader and the employees can just tap their regular access card and then click the smiley to give feedback.

Another important area is Patient Experience at hospitals. Patient Feedback is an important criterion for NABH Certification, but it is the most difficult task, especially in out-patient wards to collect feedback.

Patients who come in for a quick consultation or with an illness cannot be bothered with a survey questionnaire. Big hospitals like Narayana Health City utilize our Mpulse product to measure and manage customer experience.

Their customers include Hero MotoCorp, TVS Motors, Narayana Health City in Bengaluru, Medall Diagnostics, BlueStar, Sathya Sai Ashram, Anjappar Hotels, Subhamasthu Shopping Mall in Nellore, and hundreds of stand-alone retail businesses. They also work closely with the flagship scheme of the Swachh Bharat Mission to measure the cleanliness of public restroom facilities.

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