The New Revolution in The Influencer Industry - Nick McCandless

Nick McCandless happened to launch his first business at the young age of 14

Nick McCandless is the proud Owner and Founder of McCandless Group – an organization that works intensively with models and influencers on successfully building a business around their social media influence. What is markedly unique about his company is the unique methodology it employs in analyzing and applying strategies to leverage social media to produce the best results.
McCandless Group works on the principles of data science, psychology, and rigorous analysis to detect business opportunities for rising and established talent and accord them higher visibility and better results. The venture has been so successful that it today generates millions of dollars in monthly revenue.
McCandless Group has an ardent network of hundreds of successful clients, all of whom can vouch for the revolutionizing work the company has done for them. It’s rather impressive to note that many models and influencers working with McCandless Group have witnessed their income increase to levels that have set young adults up for the rest of their lives.

Nick McCandless happened to launch his first business at the young age of 14. By the time this young visionary turned 19 he had already collaborated with various known figures in entertainment – envisioning and creating various software solutions for numerous applications. However, things took a different turn when Nick realized that many models and influencers within the industry remained untapped in proportion to their immense potential.

McCandless Group was founded with the intent to provide independent platforms to such figures in the entertainment industry. Nick McCandless systematically approached many clients and went on to create numerous platforms that generated immense traffic for models and influencers around the globe. These models and influencers have seen their lives change reaching goals at an accelerated pace and accomplishing milestones that once seemed out of reach for many of them.

Today, Nick has greatly expanded the extent of his expertise. Presently, his company provides his clients not only with their own customized digital platform, but detailed consulting and guidance on successfully accomplishing goals, protecting the content of creators so that it’s not redistributed off of client’s platforms, mentoring models and influencers on how they can take their newfound success and set up a plan for generational success, and that’s only touching the surface.

Needless to say, Nick McCandless sacrificed everything to build what his company has become today. Many would ask why he continues to push himself to new limits with what he’s already accomplished and his answer to that is simple. Seeing the impact, he has made on the lives of the many individuals he works with and the advancements they have reached in their lives drives Nick to never slow down and continue to push the benchmarks of success for his company and clients

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