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  08 Mar 2020  Sahib Singh is a permanent nomad who wants to keep a log of his life on the road

Sahib Singh is a permanent nomad who wants to keep a log of his life on the road

Published : Mar 8, 2020, 4:36 pm IST
Updated : Mar 8, 2020, 4:36 pm IST

Sahib Singh provides out-of-the-box and detailed content on sustainable travelling

Sahib Singh is a travelling Indian in every sense
 Sahib Singh is a travelling Indian in every sense

Travel blogs have come of age. Travel enthusiasts no more want to rely on outdated guidebooks or navigate through a host of user reviews on typical travel advisor websites to know about places they want to explore.

Travelling itself has become a very vast area with people travelling for different purposes from adventure to food and from nature to religious. People travelling for different reasons look for the kind of blogs that would give them accurate and detailed knowledge about the places they want to travel. They look for bloggers that offer unique and resourceful content about their desired travel destinations.

Sahib Singh a.k.a. @travellingindian is one such travel blogger whose blog provides out-of-the-box and detailed content on sustainable travelling.

He is a 25-year-old Delhi University graduate and a full-time digital nomad who is at the beginning of his career as a travel blogger. His blogs offer some unique content on responsible and sustainable travelling. On his Instagram handle ( Sahib showcases most picturesque and unexplored travel destinations.

Sahib Singh has travelled to countries like Philippines, Egypt, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. and provided valuable information of captivating beauty of unexplored beaches, beautiful Buddhist Temples, unseen village life and culture of these countries.

Scuba diving is another passion of Sahib Singh. He is a certified professional scuba diver. He earned his certification while he was on a trip to Egypt in 2016. Now he is an Advanced Scuba Diver certified by PADI. Egypt is famous for its Red sea, which is supposed to be the toughest place for Scuba Divers. This certification entitles Sahib Singh to dive in any sea across the world.

He says "to explore beneath the ocean is to be awed by the serene and silent world beyond our normal comprehension. It is a different kind of happiness altogether." When asked about his favourite dive site, he said: "I loved diving in the Philippines, specifically in Bohol as there are many sea turtles there to hang out with."

He says although being a travel blogger is the best gift he received; the life is not as easy as it appears. It is difficult to be on the road all the time. There are many challenges which he faces daily. He said "Apart from being your fund and time manager, you also need to be your editor in Chief, director of marketing and a web developer. It takes a lot of planning, and the learning never stops. Even when you get sponsorship, you have to make sure it is relevant to your audience." He further adds "Initially I worked as an investment advisor to arrange funds for my travel, and it took a while when sponsorships started coming in."

There is a cutthroat competition out there as more and more talented people are joining the industry every day as a part-time blogger. He said "the best way to thrive and maintain a certain level of professionalism is to keep the focus on your audience and to provide them with valuable information and create a niche. Sahib Singh agreed "My entire focus is when people search for scuba diving or places related to eco- friendly tourism, they find extremely captivating and valuable information while navigating through my posts."

Sahib Singh's Instagram followers are amazed by the kind of beauty he captures with his photography skills. He certainly is one of the most promising travel bloggers if you are scrolling through the internet for beautiful beaches or scuba diving destinations for your next travel. He is a true travelling Indian in every sense.

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