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The light within you

Published : Jun 8, 2016, 10:18 pm IST
Updated : Jun 8, 2016, 10:18 pm IST

Being in a loving and respectful relationship can be nourishing to our overall well-being and happiness quotient beyond measure according to a study.

Being in a loving and respectful relationship can be nourishing to our overall well-being and happiness quotient beyond measure according to a study. Well, deep down the belief and hope lies within us anyway. The highest frequency emotion in the spectrum of human existence — love — is what we continue to seek, dream and pursue even after being run down by not-so-pleasant encounters in some cases. While, many of us debunk the “love theory” in the romantic sense in today’s context as “impractical”, “non-existing” and so on, the fact remains; love as a force engulfs, touches and heals in a way which commands no validation. It continues to mesmerise the human race and elude it at the same time.

The kind of love that throws you in a tizzy, makes you lose yourself into a world you never knew before, makes you spin a thousand turns on one toe defying all logic and life lessons as you knew it happens and we hope it does. While, things that happen to us are beyond our control, how we deal with them is entirely under our control — we have been told many times before, of course. Come to delve deep, like any other situation our handling makes all the difference. There are no rights and wrongs and certainly the writer of this article is in no position to lay down the do’s and don’t’s either. But, here is a perspective for reflection. When in a relationship if one uses the love energy you feel for a person and what one feels from the other person to channelise and explore hidden dimensions of oneself, the outcome is an amplified pool and an evolved you. It is more like using the energy to throwing light upon yourself into passive corners of your existence.

Simply put and to repeat what the famous poet Khalil Gibran said, “Give more than you take”, for the real joy and fulfillment is always in the reverse process. When you keep expecting and keep measuring what you receive in a relationship, the other person will always fall short of your expectations in some way. That’s the rule and it always ends in disappointment of some kind.

Now, come to explore the many dimensions of how you are giving in a relationship and one doesn’t run out of options. Love will never fail you. To quote from Paulo Coelho’s books, “Love simply is. It may not manifest in a way we have known it to be, but it simply is”. We have to open ourselves to recognise and feel it in different ways. Keep the focal point centered within you, happiness, self-esteem and so on originate from you. Responsibility to nurture and grow the relationship, the two people involved in it begins from you. Let the steering wheel of you, life, relationship and everything in between be always with you. Then, even if the other person changes with time, not loves you in the same way he/she once knew, decides to move-on or any other change that life presents for that matter, the love that you know, the journey that you began will spring all the same. You will be the magnet, you will be the love and you will be the peace beyond measure. Let the light within you shine and let it shine very brightly.

The writer is a seeker, is grateful for all life’s gifts and lessons. Thrives on love. When not working, she loves to read, dance and paint