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In pole position

Published : Apr 16, 2016, 11:01 pm IST
Updated : Apr 16, 2016, 11:01 pm IST

Global holistic health guru, Mickey Mehta shares the benefits and kinds of pole workouts to attain optimum fitness.

Pole Squat
 Pole Squat

Global holistic health guru, Mickey Mehta shares the benefits and kinds of pole workouts to attain optimum fitness.

It is always exciting and motivating to try new fitness and exercise trends. Pole dancing is a form of entertainment and an erotic form of dance, popular in most dance and strip bars all over the world. Pole fitness or workouts are aimed at improving physical and mental strength. The form and moves have now been conceptualised as a complete work-out and have been made a viable and enjoyable fitness option for improved flexibility, strength, endurance, sense of rhythm, coordination and balance. Pole workouts are a combination of cardio and strength training and are excellent workouts for flexibility and grace as well. If done under competent guidance and supervision, these workouts are excellent for the legs, abs, core, back and arms. In essence, it is a combination of Yoga, Pilates, Calisthenics etc and are highly beneficial for improved metabolism, cardio-vascular conditions, for burning calories, enhanced muscular strength, agility, balance and coordination. These are challenging workouts and those who suffer from health problems like osteoporosis, arthritis, extreme obesity and hypertension must consult their physician before taking up any new form of exercise.

These workouts offer tremendous recreational value especially for those who are looking to raise their fitness levels in terms of strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility.

Trends keep changing with time and it is unpredictable to say how many new forms keep coming up. The key to any exercise regime is in enjoying it. Exercises are meant to be a celebration and are meant to soothe and calm you. Avoid those that are aggressive and painful and monotonous.

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Wide squats Using the same position, keep your legs apart with the toes pointed out at 45 degrees and repeat the squat process. Do two sets 10-15 repetitions. Works best on the inner thigh muscles and the glutes.

Pole squat Stand erect holding the pole with both the hands. Keep the feet next to the pole with your toes pointed forward. Slowly come up on the balls of your feet. Squat with heels in lifted position, keeping your knees in line with your toes. Hold for four to five seconds, come back to start position and repeat doing two sets of 10-15 repetitions. Works on the glutes and the leg muscles.

Leg lift Lay or stand either to the left or right side of the pole holding it with both hands, one above the other for better grip. Lay down or stand on your toes with feet together. Grab the pole and lift up both legs bending the knees and allowing the knees to come up to chest level. Keep toes pointed forward. Come back to start position gradually and repeat up to six to eight repetitions increasing them gradually. Works on the abs and shoulder muscles.

Standing pole push up Stand a few inches away from the pole with feet wide. Raise yourself on the balls of your feet. Hold the pole, keeping the elbows slightly bent, bring the arm forward, placing them at chin height. Slowly bring the chest forward towards the pole with your abs tucked in tight and spine erect. This works on the chest, shoulders and core muscles.

For the oblique Stand away from the pole. Hook the pole with the right leg. Keep your balance, and with your hands behind your head or on the waist, bend sideways as low as possible. Hold for a few seconds, come back to start position and repeat. Do two sets of 15 repetitions on each side. Works on conditioning the oblique muscles.

The writer is a fitness and health expert.