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Code breakers come full circle

Published : May 20, 2018, 12:11 am IST
Updated : May 20, 2018, 12:11 am IST

Four ladies and their prowess at solving cerebral problems, this series comes packed with drama and mystery...

The Bletchley Circle
 The Bletchley Circle

The Bletchley Circle 
Star rating: 4.5. 
Must-watch? If you must miss a wedding... or four... do it.

England. 1952. A group of four women; secret op code breakers now retired, but not dead. Civilians? Yes, but bored with their mundane existence. A killer is at large, creating a pattern that is recognised by one of them, enticing her to pursue the investigation even after being turned away by the authorities when she sought their assistance.

The four make a wonderful combination of intellegence and skill, making this series easily one of my favourite super hero cinematic experiences of all time.

Think about it; special “powers” need not necessarily be of the flying-around-blowing-stuff-up variety. Entirely, too much fussing there.

This one’s even got the same pace! All those moments of complete bafflement fractured by craftily plotted cerebral schemes will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat, leaving you with that strange feeling of wondering why.

In my opinion, it is the beautifully balanced cinematographic style — both fast and slow at the same time — the thought processes on the one hand going at the speed of light, while the atmospheric melancholy of the sets keeps you glued to the narrative at all times.

Since it’s a mini-series, so no need to stock up on too much popcorn. However, it has a Season 2 which is divided into two separate stories, both different from the first season’s single one (as of 2014). You never know how much you’re gonna have to think about the reasons for unmatched eipsode counts, especially if those episodes happen to be of the mini variety, and have parts. A new season where the four ladies are set to solve a crime in San Francisco is reported to be in the pipeline, and may even release this year.

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