Nafis Etemadi becomes most talked about artist of the film industry

Working day and night Nafis has reached a level where in no entrepreneur at that age could achieve their ultimate target.

NafisEtemadi an international graphic designer and music maniac from Los Angeles has amazed people with his renowned art and style of graphic designing and sensational music.

NafisEtemadi highlights the ongoing issues in the society through this artwork. All the social issues that disturb the well-being of mankind are noted and designed and his knowledge in this field is extraordinary and his work is renowned all across the world having a number of fans all across the globe. Making this a business Nafis at such a young age happened to grow strong and firm in his field having a number of projects in hand collaboring with Hollywood and Bollywood film industry.

Having a number of hurdles in this field and tremendous competition Nafis left no stone unturned in order to achieve his goals. Working day and night Nafis has reached a level where in no entrepreneur at that age could achieve their ultimate target.

Nafis today has a wide range of unique designs and a number of clients with tremendous growing business and revenue generation having to achieve a commendable position in the business.

Nafis withholds a well-established name in the film industry and has becomes most popular amongst the Hollywood and Bollywood industry having to do merchandising designs for a number of ace celebs such as Lil Pump, Lil Peep, Travis Barker, Cuco, REAL Skateboards, Boombox Cartel, Ethan Cutkosky, Metro Boominand, Nav and many more.

Being a UCLA dropout in where Nafis was persuading History major. Nafis took a leap of faith in order to achieve his dreams and make them into reality. Nafis never looked back since then.

Nafis since the very beginning knew that this field would land him up in the film industry working for all the top b’town and Hollywood celebs making tremendous progress and getting continuous opportunities. Having to be most popular amongst celebs still Nafis is one of the most humble souls showing no A-list attitudes or arrogance.

When asked about the same Nafis “it isn’t a big deal, we’re all just regular humans at the end of the day; no one is bigger than anyone else.” He concludes by saying that “staying humble and true to yourself is one of the main ingredients to finding success in the art world.”

Having to be popular in the country this magnate has no stopping as his expansion towards business continues and this time has knocked the doors of Hollywood/Bollywood to blow them away will his graphic and music techniques and rocking deals one cannot refuse.

Nafis truly is an extraordinary artist and most loved and truly wishes to make a great impact in the designing and music world in order to create an awareness amongst people to understand their responsibilities towards Mother Earth and fellow humans for the betterment of the society.

It would be of no surprise if we witness NafisEtemadi to become the most popular merchandise maker in the world who is an ace amongst the A-list Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities also being a part of number one rated music and movies and watching Nafis’s work on the big screen.

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