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World Population Day: These TV actors urge couples to adopt

Published : Jul 11, 2019, 3:21 pm IST
Updated : Jul 11, 2019, 3:21 pm IST

This World Population Day, telly actors share their views population control and adoption.

World Population Day. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)
 World Population Day. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Mumbai: This World Population Day, telly actors share their views population control and adoption.

Kinshuk Vaidya: World population is a good day to highlight and remind that the population needs to be controlled. In big cities, both men and women have careers so 'Hum Do Humare Do' concept is outdated. One should plan a kid only when one is ready to take responsibility.

Jasmin Bhasin: Population explosion is a reality. Yes, the concept of having two kids has become rare, especially in metros. Adoption is a very good idea. People who have one kid and want to have two kids can surely adopt a second child. Education about population control should be done more in villages and focus should be on giving the best upbringing to children.

Shehzad Shaikh: Population control is surely a necessity. There is too much crowd everywhere, to the extent that everyone is not getting proper education and even basic amenities to live. Couples opting for one kid is fine as they can focus on his or her upbringing keeping in mind the cost of living which has become really high.

Gaurav Gera: We should definitely celebrate the world population day to make people aware of it. People are aware but they don't really do anything. A lot of people are opting for a single child or are going for adoption so its an awareness which needs to be created and is the need of the hour also. I strongly believe when people say that there is a scarcity of infrastructure, there is one definitely because 120cr is a lot of people and to provide them you need a lot. All people are assets for us but if it grows more and more it will turn into population explosion and something concrete needs to be done.

Angad Hasija: I feel that we should think about the population as it is growing a lot. Many of my friends are not planning babies at all,  many of them want to adopt which is a great thing.  At the same time, I have seen that even today people from the north side are planning four kids. I  feel having a single child is fine and if you want more you can adopt them.

Ankitta Sharma: Population is India’s strength and it's a weakness. It's a weakness because basics like nutritious food, water, shelter, education etc is not available to all. But in my opinion, it has more to do with resource management. There is far too much in the hands of a few. And that needs to change. The population is our strength too as India now has the fastest-growing educated, young, qualified individuals who are ready to take on the world. Effective family planning & all basics(food, water, clothing, shelter, education) for all until a certain age must be provided.

Ira Sone: I want to urge people to understand the importance of education and to be able to make the right choice to have a child or to not to have a child. I also would like to urge the people to understand the co-relation of the population with resources which is limited and hence adopt a new idea or a new pattern of adopting a child instead of having their own kids. We live in a society where the beliefs of having our own kids is so strong and deeply rooted that we almost shun off the idea of adoption but if only you can adopt a child and give a life the world will be a better place and we will be better human beings,  so lets aim towards being better human beings on this population day before being better parents.

Malhar Pandya: Whether you are in a metro station, airport, railway station, road, bus stop, hospital, shopping mall, market, temple or even in a social /religious gathering, we see all places are overcrowded at any given point. India is currently 2nd largest populous country and is expected to beat China also by 2025. Overpopulation impacts everyone at the micro and macro level, some major impacts include high unemployment, poverty, pressure on existing resources & infrastructure, inequality, depletion of natural resources, environmental damages to name a few. We no longer need 'Hum Do Humare Do, we should now move toward one-child policy. As the future of the country lies in our hands, whether we want to make it worse or we want to optimize the population as per resources and thus creating a better tomorrow.

Shirin Sewani: In today's world we can see the crisis of many resources. We should opt for having one kid,  I also have a suggestion that as I am a single child there is a requirement of siblings somewhere in life, so I believe that it would be great if parents can be unbiased and have a kid of their own and adopt another one and try to give them unconditional love so that nobody feels the difference. By this, you can give life to a child and have your own also.

Rajesh Kumar: I will be the wrong person to comment and say that hum do Humara Ek Kyuki Humare do hai but yes, if I would have been aware of this before, I would have thought of not having a single child as well because there is nothing which we are leaving behind for the next generation. My take is that we are too many of us that is why we are suffering. There is a lot of difference between people who are dying and on an average the way the population is growing every day. So somewhere we should stop producing and let the earlier ones get consumed and then we can think of producing more. As of now, I feel we should stop producing at least 10 years because to have four generations on one planet is like too much pressure on mother earth. That's my take on this matter but its not valid for me because I myself have two so I don't know how much my opinion matters now. As of now, I feel we should not have even a single kid.

Rohitashv Gour: Population issue has become one of the biggest issues today. There are many reasons for it,  the biggest thing is that rules are not equally applied to everyone. If there is a single rule for everyone then I feel everyone should follow the same rule. The thing about family planning or having a single child should be followed by each and everyone then only this problem will be solved. On the political end also it happens that people who are not citizens of our country are allowed to stay here,  their aadhaar card and pan cards are also made. So till the time, our political leaders won't be aware this problem won't be over.

Rahul Lohani: I think the population is a very sensitive subject. We all talk about these issues but don't really do anything for it. The population is a very wide subject, if you talk about traffic, civic sense, etc we have lost all of that. Everyone wants to be number one that's the only motto of an individual nowadays. When we talk about population we only point fingers on others but never do anything by ourselves. So if you are talking about awareness in such situation,  I don't feel anything is going to happen,  people who want eight kids will have them,  people who want three kids they will have them. People who are aware and want to give a good upbringing to their child will have 1 or 2 kid because education is very important. The way it's happening around it's difficult to give a good upbringing to your children. People who want their child to have a good upbringing are anyways not going to think of it because they will only have a single kid or a two.  I feel the government should take a stand and they should make this rule compulsory that if you have more than two kids you should not get all the facilities given by the government. This is something which can change the scenario otherwise people really don't care.

Romit Raj Prasher: I don’t think people are opting for one child, most people are having two kids or more. I strongly feel everyone should have two kids and stop there because the population is increasing and the resources are getting consumed more. There are so much consumption and deforestation all thanks to overpopulation. I wish people could get taxed for having a third child, then surely they would consider this suggestion. In India, there are people who have babies without even having basic needs for kids such as education, clothing, food and shelter which increases the crime rate as well.

Amal Sehrawat: People are getting more aware and cautious about overpopulation and that's a brilliant shift in outlook. I also feel that instead of people opting for IVF or surrogacy they should adopt a child, it's a win-win situation for both. Adoption should be encouraged everywhere.

Aastha Chaudhary: I feel we should learn this from China,  once upon a time it was the most populated country but they have controlled it now. We all are educated so we should know that two kids are enough and in today's time one is also fine but the people who are uneducated for them to use protection is a very big taboo in India. They don't talk about it or buy it. Other than that I feel that the government should make strict laws for people having more than two kids. They should not get to enjoy particular facilities or they should be made to pay some type of tax. I feel if this is done so it might happen that the population might get controlled but till the time government won't take any strict action against it I don't think anything would happen.

Ansh Bagri: There is a lot of need to control the population in India. We are very emotional so we feel that if we have a big family we will live happily. It feels good if you have many siblings but I feel now we should think about the planet and there should be aware of it. If we have one or two children we can take care of them properly but if we have more kids then there comes more responsibility and financial issues as well. There are many problems we are facing because of the population. Personally, if you would ask me about having kids,  if it was some years ago, I would love to have three kids but now I feel one or two are good enough. So if we start to control population asap it would be really great.

Subuhi Joshi: Everybody wants to have a family and you do need a child to complete it but I think it’s very wise and sensible to adopt one. I’m in total favour of adoption. There are so many abandoned children out there, why not accept the first and give them all the affection and facilities. Not only it would make a homeless child happy but it would also contribute in a great way for population control.

Nishant Malkhani: I personally feel that population is the strength of an economy but overpopulation is a burden on the economy because when they are too many mouths to feed we have to realize that we have limited number of jobs and education imparting abilities of government. So when there is overpopulation in a country it leads to poverty,  hunger and these things can never be good for any country so I believe population control is a priority. There are some couples who are opting for one kid and hum do humare do is no longer followed because humare do is not working anymore, its leading to overpopulation because due to health advancement and better services, cleanliness and environment more and more people are living longer because of which the ratio of death is going down which is a good thing but it leads to a lot of people being born into a place and the resources are limited. So my personal take on this is that people should now opt for one kid and if you want to take care of two children and you have one why don't you adopt one more. Someone who already exists and need the love of parents and who needs genuine care,  someone who deserves it why not.

Rehaan Roy: Overpopulation is a serious issue not only for our country but also for the entire world. Where several countries have already made necessary rules to maintain its population, India still needs to make necessary changes. I feel the changes will come in action only when we teach our people about the overpopulation issues. Though India is already progressing and there are many couples who are opting out after one child, there are many who are unaware of the population issues, we need to teach them.

Arif Zakaria: It will put IVF centres out of business as they spring forth twins!!! The root cause of all our social ills is overpopulation. Unfortunately, the matter is out of hand with the existing mass of people. There has to be a deep awareness of the importance of one child per family. Family planning and counselling to break shackles of tradition and society to have more children.

Sachin Parikh: It's high time that people understand the importance of family planning and think about the nation as a whole. The way the Indian population is rising because of lack of awareness, illiteracy and lack of education needs to be corrected. If the standard of living worldwide continues to improve, the birth rate should go down. However, in order to support 11 billion people by 2100, we must change the way we use the world’s resources. The world economy must grow but if we don’t radically change the way we consume the planet, we will be heading for the end of our consumer society and standard of living as we know it. The challenge awaits us, and hopefully, we are up for it. Otherwise, future generations will face war, famine, massive migration, and genocide of ethnic and religious groups.

Anupama Solanki: It's a very good step taken by those people who are adopting a child but this not the solution. We have to understand why the population is increasing, there are many reasons such as illiteracy, less awareness, etc. I think the Government should take strict action on this population matter because In India especially in small cities or villages people are unaware or they have no idea what problems they will face in future.

Gulshan Nain: India is the second most populated country in the world and this is one of the biggest problems this country faces as it leads to a lot of issues such as degradation of environment, depletion of natural resources, rise of unemployment, higher cost of living and so on, hence to save the country and this planet from overpopulation, some serious steps must be taken. It is good to have an annual event like the world population day which helps in increasing the awareness amongst people on various issues such as family planning. People nowadays are opting for just one kid and that's a very good approach. I personally feel it is good for the country as well as for the people themselves on their personal level so that the parents can devote their time and resources fully for a single child. I being a single child can definitely relate to this because my parents did not plan a second child because they wanted to give me a comfortable life, they wanted to concentrate on me fully which is the reason I had the courage to see and achieve my dreams. Hence, family planning is a much-required aspect in an overpopulated country like India, at a global and personal level too.

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