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Gaurav is easy to work with, says Kritika Kamra

Published : May 7, 2017, 12:18 am IST
Updated : May 7, 2017, 12:18 am IST

Kritika Kamra gushes about her Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta co-star Gaurav Khanna.

Kritika Kamra and Gaurav Khanna
 Kritika Kamra and Gaurav Khanna

Although Kritika Kamra and Gaurav Khanna are working together for the first time, their chemistry has already mesmerised audiences. It helps that the two share a camaraderie as co-stars and friends. We caught up with the lead pair of Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta on the show’s sets, and got them to spill the beans on their journey and more. Edited excerpts from the conversation we had with the two dashing co-stars:

You both are living a fantasy as leads of Chandrakanta. Which fairytale staple did you grow up on?
Gaurav: I was not very fond of television as a kid. Though I loved watching cartoons, and it was as good as fairytales for me.
Kritika: I love all fairy tales — be it Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty. I have read them all, and was particular about the condition of my books. I never scribbled on them.


There are many sensuous scenes between you two in the show. It must be quite a task to pull them off without hiccups?
Gaurav: We both are professional actors and have been in the industry for quite some time. We share a very good relationship as co-actors. We keep in mind each other’s sensibilities. There is no hesitation or difficulty when we have to act together on-screen. Kritika is fun to be around. I constantly pull her leg, and she has her witty comebacks to it. It’s more of a cat and mouse game.
Kritika: Sensuous scenes are actually very technical. A lot of credit goes to the director and the cameraman. Gaurav and I are very comfortable with each other. In fact, I still remember our first romantic scene and lot of fans still write about it.


Gaurav, does your wife get upset when she comes across your scenes from the show?
Gaurav: My wife Aakansha does not pay much heed to this. She is an actor herself, and understands that this is all part of the job. She feels proud when people tell her that her husband is so flawless with on-screen romance. I am thankful that she is practical.

The show is yet to pick up. Your chemistry seems to be the only saving grace…
Gaurav: As far as Chandrakanta and Virendra’s chemistry goes, it is doing well. After my interaction with fans, I have realised that our chemistry is one of the high points on the show. I am sure the chemistry will get better as the story progresses.
Kritika Kamra: I believe that the show is doing well. In fact, the show will get even more interesting because we are going by the fairytale book. The chemistry is an integral part of the show but there are a lot of plot twists too.


As co-stars, you both share a good relationship, but you two hardly hang out after shoots. Why?
Gaurav: Yes, we are comfortable with each other. But as far as spending time after work is concerned, we do not get too much time off the sets since we clock in about 12 hours of work. So, once we are doing with our shooting, we rush to get back home.
Kritika: We hardly hang out after the shoot hours, because we shoot for long hours, and 25 days of the month. This leaves us with only three to four days for ourselves. I am sure most of us want to catch up on our sleep during those four days.

When we were shooting in Hyderabad, we would step out and eat dinner together since we didn’t have many friends. Here in Mumbai, you will always find us chilling in Filmcity.


Kritika, Gaurav has been tempting you to break your diet regime. How can you not give in?
Kritika: I have my own cheat days. Once Gaurav got me aloo paratha from home and that was sweet of him. But cheat days are essential. What else do we live for?

Can you share one quality that you like and dislike about each other? Gaurav: I like the fact that she is very methodical. But I dislike that this same approach can turn her into a school teacher.
Kritika: Gaurav is very considerate. This makes it very easy to work with him. I dislike that he can be a little too sensitive and takes a joke to heart.

Rapid Fire
Your favourite corner on the sets?
Gaurav: The set. I like being on the shoot floor because of the energy.
Kritika: Anywhere near the AC!


Your favourite food on sets?
Gaurav: Home-cooked tiffin which my wife cooks for me.
Kritika: My box of nuts which I eat when I am hungry.

Things you cannot do without on the sets?
Gaurav: My perfume bottles.
Kritika: AC and makeup kit.

Your dream date?
Gaurav: Katrina Kaif.
Kritika: Ryan Gosling. I am not over La La Land and still crushing on him.

Your wildest fantasy?
Gaurav: My wildest fantasies are too wild to share…
Kritika: Taking a lot of money and setting out, and not knowing where to go.

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