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The music mantra!

Published : Jun 27, 2019, 1:05 am IST
Updated : Jun 27, 2019, 1:05 am IST

As per a recent research, music not only lightens your mood but also helps you efficiently do tasks.

Geneive Dcunha
 Geneive Dcunha

Lately, researchers have shown more interest in how listening to music can rationally benefit us in numerous ways. Listening to music at work has a host of benefits, says a recent research. Apart from making you more efficient, listening to music you like can have an effect on your mood, making you happier. Music makes you finish your tasks faster, says research. Instrumental music is better than music with lyrics as it boosts your concentration. We speak to experts and employees to understand if this actually works.

To understand the psychology behind this, Psychologist Tabinda Arif Sdq opines, “Often we have innumerable distractions at work competing for our attention. Luckily, music can help put us back on a more productive track.” Throwing some light on how this works she says, “Pleasurable music increases dopamine levels in the brain. Music is rhythm, rhythm is a structure, and structure is soothing to an attention deficit brain. While music can help increase focus, its efficiency can depend on the genre of music. Sounds of nature can mask intelligible speech just as well as white noise while also enhancing the thought process and optimising the ability to concentrate, and increasing overall worker satisfaction.”


Sharing his experience about listening to music is Vinay Raj an employee at a support firm, he says, “We aren’t allowed to listen to music at work, so the first thing I do when I take a break is to plug in my earphones and relax with music of my genre. The genre obviously depends on my mood and to be honest music is the best go to for any problem be it stress, exhaustion or just a bad day. Music kind of relaxes and rejuvenates me to work efficiently.”

Employers always want to bring the best out of their employees and they tend to take utmost care by providing employees with the best. Geneive Dcunha, an employee with a firm shares, “My work place plays instrumental music in the office with an aim to de-stress us. It keeps my mind calm because I work for a sales process and there’s loads of stress. So the music kind of helps me stay calm, since we have everyone on calls, the music kind of mutes them so we can hardly hear them and we can focus on our own work.”


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