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An ode to spirituality!

Published : Feb 26, 2019, 2:32 am IST
Updated : Feb 26, 2019, 2:32 am IST

Having sold over 34 million albums and gained international recognition, Sami Yusuf has always performed in packed venues across the globe.

Sami Yusuf
 Sami Yusuf

British singer, songwriter, record producer and humanitarian Sami Yusuf gained international fame and attention overnight with the release of his debut album, Al-Mu’allim, in 2003.

He has a packed schedule, but the maestro humbly says that, “I'm have been here since yesterday and wanted to go for Nizamuddin Aulia to meet new people but that didn't happen. So, I'm finally happy that you people are here.”

Being internationally acclaimed has given him more fame than anyone can think off. But, he differs from what the layman thinks of fame. He opines, “I’m not one of those artists who like to share their private life. I’m not going to share my wife’s picture or my mom’s picture and that’s my choice. But at the same time, fame can bring challenges in your life. It’s depends one’s mentality on what you do with that fame. Some people crave for attention, they want it so much that it seems to be like a drug to them. But, the sacred divine works in mysterious ways. If you don't want something it is given to you. And when you do want something it is often not given to you. There’s always a divine reason behind all these.” He never wanted to be famous and he gives all credit to the almighty that the side effects of stardom has not affected him. He adds, "Success depends on what you consider success to be. I think, money and fame is not success, it is a part of it. But success cannot be entirely materialistic. A successful day is when you’re at peace and can go to sleep thinking that you have not harmed anyone.”

Sami has been appointed United Nations Global Ambassador for the World Food Programme and it holds a great responsibility. But according to him in spite of contributing to a great extent, he feels that he is not doing enough. His humble behaviour and ode to the almighty makes him stand out of the lot and a lot of his fans say that  is why they are in love with this ‘spiritique’ singer.

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