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Master of strings

Published : Oct 23, 2018, 12:14 am IST
Updated : Oct 23, 2018, 12:14 am IST

When it comes to strumming up a storm on a guitar, not many can match the expertise that John Anthony of kARNATRiix is armed with.

John Anthony
 John Anthony

When it comes to strumming up a storm on a  guitar, not many can match the expertise that John Anthony of kARNATRiix is armed with. His guitar pieces are completely distinctive — the tone, touch and phrasing have an energy of their own. Music buffs who are clued in about Indian music bands specialising in instrumental or rock/blue/folk songs, would have heard of kARNATRiix and the master guitarist. At least one of his riffs must be buried deep in their cerebral cortex.

For over 33 years, he has been performing, teaching, learning and evolving as an artiste. Looking back and walking down  memory lane, he says the journey has been magical. “I am fabulously blessed! What a trip it has been. And I am happy that there is still so much to learn, experience and explore,” smiles John. He has  witnessed a mammoth change  happening to the music world and feels it’s phenomenal. But, he says the corporate world still has not got hold of pure music. “It’s not just music, hasn’t the whole world adapted to the corporate culture? Nevertheless, pure music lives on forever. For me, I always enjoy playing and learning.”

John states he is open to new stuff, but does not wish to move away from tradition. And he believes that his love and passion for music has kept him going all these years.

His concert, More Bhopals, a live performance in front of over 5,000 people, proved to be John’s initiative to address the struggle of the survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy. He also believes that music can change the way the whole world thinks. It is an eternal bliss.

kARNATRiix has lots of projects in the pipeline. “The band also consists of classical vocalist Akhil Jaya Chand and bassist C.R. Rahul. We are awaiting the release of our singles which would be a blend of Indian and world music. The future project that I am looking forward to most eagerly could happen in December 2019, with the participation of great cellist Sonia Welder Atherton from France and my band member Akhil Jaya Chand from Thiruvananthapuram,” he says.

A fan of legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, he missed an opportunity to meet him when Carlos visited India. Unfortunately, John was in Russia with his band at that time.

When asked about his advice to budding musicians, he says only the ones with passion will survive. “Please don’t take up music for a purpose or as a fashion; the fame will vanish one day. I have a humble request to every parent: do not train your children in music just for fame and money.”

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