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It's all in the heart

Published : Aug 16, 2018, 12:20 am IST
Updated : Aug 16, 2018, 12:20 am IST

These young musicians are going places with their recently launched album, Heart Disk.

 SAPTA duo

These two Chennaiites have garnered a massive fan following with their music. SAPTA’s Marti Bharath and Tapass Naresh’s new album Heart Disk is getting rave reviews. They recently did two successful shows in Mumbai and Pondicherry, and are also launching their much-awaited eighth album in Bengaluru.

SAPTA was founded in Paris in 2007 by Marti Bharath with French band members. Marti says, “I came up with the name and the kind of music we should be making and how the band should evolve. The entire concept and highlight of the band revolves around the number seven.” SAPTA, with every album, tries to ensure that it has seven tracks and it is released on the seventh of any month.

Explaining the concept, he adds, “This also gives us enough time to plan and keep  up with our deadlines. For the current album too, we set the release date and then worked backwards from production to marketing.” Ever since they started playing together in 2012, Marti has always written tracks that will suit both of them.

He adds, “The music we put out is not made particularly for Tapass or me. The music we play live should be able to blend together.” Heart Disk is an ablum unlike any other album they have come out with. He adds, “Heart Disk can be categorised as retro-pop or dream-pop. It is much lighter when compared to the previous one which was heavier.”

When the previous album released, they had been throwing the tunes. “When the album dropped, we started  tweaking the tunes in a more refined way. As a band, doing the same songs can get boring. So we wanted to bring out something that made us evolve. We have tried to find a new sound with this album,” he explains. With this album, Marti and Tapaas want to take people who are low to outer space where they can find an escape from day to day life and see life from a bird’s eye perspective. Marti also mentions that the story behind the album will be released as a comic later on.

With their new album just a few days old, SAPTA plans to devote all their energy into Heart Disk. Tapass Naresh adds, “As of now, we are focusing on touring with an album and also a few new songs will be released later on, once we finish this tour.”

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